Saturday, January 2, 2010

Villanova Beats Marquette

Led by 23 by Scottie Reynolds, Villanova clung to a 74-72 victory over Marquette.  While it is always nice to win a Big East game, this game threw up some warning flags given the poor free throw shooting by The 'Cats and a poor effort on the glass.  Please come back soon Mouph.

It makes me happy when: Villanova plays poorly but still gets a W on the road.

It makes me sad when: Ohio State wins the Rose Bowl and when Villanova misses free throws.

I Fucking Hate: Tim Tebow.. Whenever that asshole talks it sounds like he's reading from cue cards.  There is literally a cadence to his speech and it makes me angry.

Scottie Is: 394 points from Kerry Kittles' record.


  1. Question about Villanova athletics for you...
    How is their football program able to play in div. 2, but the rest of their athletics play in Div. 1? Always have been curious.

    Thank you.

  2. Villanova Football does not play in division 2. They play in the Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), formerly D1AA as opposed to the bowl subdivision (FBS). Nova just won the division 1 national championship, whereas Northwest Missouri State won division 2.

  3. basically we still suck in football....please we are not even close to division 1

  4. Wow, anonymous number, you should probably just fuck off considering we just won the FCS Championship in football and we beat an FBS team who went on to play in a bowl game. So basically you are just a fucking clown who needs to eat his own asshole

  5. I'm with matsuflex on this one, "please we are not even close to division 1" dude I just explained how we are in fact division one, I'd say that's as close as you can get. If you mean FBS, as matsuflex said, we beat an FBS bowl team this year on our way to the FCS national championship. Its one thing if you're one of these people who just simply don't care about our team because we're not in the bowl division, because I know plenty of people who are like that, but to say our team sucks is just ignorant. Don't come on here and trash a team that you clearly know nothing about.

    For Comparison, USA Today publishes the Sagarin Rankings, whioch rank all of the Division 1 schools (FBS and FCS) together. Villanova is ranked 35th, ahead of teams such as: Utah, Boston College,UCLA, Florida State, Missouri, and Notre Dame along with many other FBS schools.

    Like I said, its one thing not to care, but don't come claiming we suck when you don't know what you're talking about.