Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wardrobe: Jay Wright vs. Rick Pitino, It's Not Even Close

This is The look of A man who has command of his wardrobe
Before Sunday's Louisville game, someone asked whether Jay Wright or Rick Pitino was a spiffier dresser.  To me, there is no debate at all.  They both wear expensive suits, but not only does Jay look better in his suits, but they always look immaculate before during and after the game.  Jay can pull off colors that other men can only dream about, especially brown.  I have only seen a handful of men in my entire life who have been able to pull off a brown suit, and of those men Jay Wright is the only one who is white.  Pitino looks increasingly more gaunt as they years go up (not surprising considering his lifestyle choices.)  On the other hand, Jay seems to be getting better with age, perhaps this speaks as well  to his tailor as it does to him, but the man still has great taste.


  1. Please don't even compare that douche bag sleeze ball pitino to Jay. That's an insult!

  2. I know, i just felt it must be addressed haha, plus i need to start blogging more

  3. Nice! She look so good in wearing Mens Suits I admire him.