Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why The Soccer Stadium In Chester is NOT the Answer For Football

While nice, is it big enough and how would students access it?
Recent message board fodder about Villanova Football has surrounded the potential move to the Big East and the new soccer stadium being built in Chester for the expansion Philadelphia Union of the MLS.  The proposed stadium, which will seat 18,500 people is built along the Delaware River beside the Commodore Barry Bridge.  I have several problems with this move, the first being that Villanova has a hard enough time drawing students and people from the surrounding communities to games when they are on campus.  How could anybody believe that Villanova fans and the surrounding community would drive to a city that makes white people shit their pants to watch a team that they historically do not care about? While I am an ardent supporter of moving the team up to FBS to preserve the basketball program, I think that anybody that argues that it is viable for Villanova to use this stadium lived under power lines as a child.  Aside from the fact that Chester is scary (just ask famous getaway driver Tyreke Evans,) it is roughly a half hour drive from Villanova, making transportation for students nearly impossible and further distancing itself from Villanova's alumni presence on the Main Line.  Another problem is that Union Field would be far and away the smallest stadium in the Big East.  Simply put, Villanova does not have the cash flow or the Political clout to make such a move happen and even if they did, I highly doubt we would be able to attract the necessary fanbase in the area around Chester (which happens to be very blue collar) in the transitional years between FCS and FBS to make this a viable option.  Before the discussion is even made about the Football team moving up, Villanova must relax its tailgating restrictions in order to attract more fans to games.

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