Saturday, February 27, 2010

Villanova-Syracuse Preview-Catholics vs. Convicts Basketball Edition

Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love I don't even want none of the above
Villanova will face off against Syracuse tonight in The Carrier Dome in front of a national on campus record crowd in a game that will likely decide the Big East Regular Season Champion.  Villanova has owned the Orange in recent years, winning five of the last six meetings and they have won more games at the dome than any other Syracuse opponent  (12.)  Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher have both performed statistically well in their games at Syracuse averaging 17.5 and 15.5 points respectively (better than their career averages.)  
Here's what I think:
Villanova Wins If: They are able to get into the lane consistently off the bounce.  You can beat a zone defense two ways, either shoot the lights out or drive effectively.  Those things just happen to be strengths of Villanova's game.  Getting Arinze Onuaku and Rick Jackson into foul trouble is another desirable outcome as Syracuse has very little depth and Antonio Pena is dominant when there isn't another solid big man on the court.  A Villanova win will require big games from Reynolds, Fisher, Pena and Mouph.
Villanova Loses If: They allow Syracuse to get to the line often.  While Syracuse is lackluster at the free throw line, Villanova can't give them 45 attempts from the line because teams that play the zone defense don't foul often.  They also musn't allow Andy Rautins to light them up from three, if that happens it could get ugly fast.
What Were You Thinking? Why Stokes? Seriously, are you a rutard?
Scottie Watch:  Scottie enters this game with 2,134 career points, third all time and 110 away from breaking Kerry Kittles' record.

College Gameday Preview: Hubert and Digger Have a Dirty Secret Edition

Rece Davis: Hi Everyone and welcome to The Carrier Dome where The Unstoppable, unbeatable, future national champion Syracuse Orange Will Be facing The Villanova Wildcats Tonight in front of a NATIONAL RECORD CROWD, man aren't these fans great (15,000 neanderthals and jews cheer in the background.)
Hubert Davis: I didn't know there was a basketball game, I just thought I was here to give Coach Boeheim head.  You know, it tasted almost as good as Coach Calipari's did.
Digger Phelps: Hubert, I didn't know there was a game either, but geez I need to brush my teeth so I can get the taste of Boeheim's peter out of my mouth. 
Jay Bilas: Can we talk about the game?
Rece: Um, yeah whatever. Will Villanova be able to penetrate the incredible, unstoppable, inpregnable zone defense of Villanova?
Hubert: Jim Boeheim teams are always in your face on defense, which is bizarre because he was in my face earlier.
Digger: I agree Hubert, very in your face.  Which reminds me.. Andy Rautins has to be the greatest thing to happen to Canada since his father Leo.
Jay: Why don't we talk about Scottie Reynolds who should be the frontrunner for Big East Player of The Year?
Rece: Who?
Jay: Scottie Reynolds, The Villanova point guard?
Hubert: Oh, him. 
Digger: Are you talking about John Wall?
Jay: NO I'm talking about Scottie Reynolds.
Digger: Who?
Jay: Scottie Reynolds.
Digger: Is this some guy I met in a rest stop bathroom?
Jay: No, he's the point guard for Villanova.
Digger: I should meet more people in rest stop bathrooms.
Rece: Oh well, who cares about somebody no one has ever heard of.  Let's talk about how Syracuse is going to own Villanova tonight. Predictions?
Digger: Well, Judging by the authority that Boeheim went to my face earlier, that's the same authority Wes Johnson will be going to the hole.  Syracuse by 50.
Hubert: UNC by 10
Jay: Villanova in a squeaker.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Say NO To NCAA Tournament Expansion

The NCAA Tournament is the greatest event in sports because it is unique, it is difficult to get into and it awards an undisputed national champion (see: what the BCS doesn't do.)  I do not understand the incentive to expand the tournament beyond it's current situation at 65 (one too many participants if you ask me.)  If you have a system is exciting, brings in huge money and generates massive interest from those who have absolutely no interest otherwise in college basketball (see: office pools,) then what is your incentive to try add to it? The vast majority of the time when such expansions are made, they end up blowing up right in the faces of the people who greenlighted them.  Look at the egg Gary Bettman has on his face after expanding the NHL to ridiculous measure, giving franchises to cities that have no business hosting professional hockey teams (Atlanta, Phoenix) which has diluted the product and sent the NHL into a tailspin in which it can only be seen on Versus with an occasional (rare) showing on NBC, a long fall from it being shown on networks like FOX and ESPN.  I know that as a fan of Villanova, I'm a member of the NCAA bourgeois, but there is a very simple way for teams to make the NCAA Tournament and it is winning your conference tournament.  If it was up to me, the 64th best team in the field would not have an RPI of 200 but rather an RPI closer to 64. I've come up with several reasons why the NCAA Tournament is big enough and here they are:
  1. A 16 seed has never beaten a number one seed since the tournament was expanded to 64 in 1985.
  2. The lowest seeded team ever to win the National Championship was Villanova in 1985 as an eight seed.  It is an exception to the rule when a team that is not a top two seed wins the tournament (especially in recent years.)
  3. Urologists don't need any more money.
  4. A 128 team field is too large and too long and would be too dilluted while a 96 team field could give teams that play an extra game an advantage. 
  5. A larger field would devalue the importance and prestige from making it to the tournament while also giving locks incentive to rest players down the stretch. 
  6. It would kill the NIT tournament which has been around for longer than the NCAA tournament. 
Greedy money grubbing bastards don't deserve their fingers on the controls.  What it amounts to is exploitation because most of these players will never see a dime of money for playing in the tournament while coaches, athletic directors, university presidents and NCAA higher ups are lining their pockets in cash, it just doesn't make sense.

Going For Three In A Row: Villanova-USF Semi-Preview

The sky is falling, roosters are crowing, babies are crying and dogs are barking all around Villanova's campus because something is so OBVIOUSLY amiss.  The reason for all the confusion seems to have something to do with the fact that Villanova has lost two straight games (gasp!) The people who are complaining now obviously never experienced the Steve Lappas era (theres nothing quite as fun as losing to Kent State in the second round of the NIT, ah those were the days.)  So anyway, The 'Cats will look to end their little funk tonight against The Bulls of South Florida and extend their ridiculous on campus winning streak. 

Villanova Wins If: They get consistent post scoring, win the battle on the glass and play semi consistent defense.  They cannot be out efforted like they were against Pitt on Sunday.  
Villanova Loses If: They play flat like they did against Pitt.. That was a disgrace on many levels.
Scottie Watch: Scottie Reynolds enters senior night at The Pavillion with 2,113 career points (third all time.)  He needs 131 points to break Kerry Kittles' record of 2,243.  The next person he needs to pass is Keith Herron, who finished his career with 2,170 points.
I Hate: Canada, I was so glad we beat those fuckers on Sunday.  Speaking of Canada, I hope Andy Rautins gets hit by a truck.

SportsCenter Pranked at Brian Westbrook's Expense.. I love It When That Happens

I was watching SportsCenter live last night when this happened.  I knew it was fishy when the caller (a Didn't sound like Brian Westbrook and b) Immediately said hi to Scott Van Pelt.  God bless those people from Howard Stern, the opportunists that they are.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Football: Brian Westbrook To Be Released By The Eagles

Andy Reid announced today in a press conference that Brian Westbrook will be released  from The Eagles on March 5.  Westbrook is not only the greatest player in Villanova history but arguably the greatest offensive player in Eagles history.  I'm just glad I don't have to root against him anymore.  Hopefully he gets picked up and is able to continue his career with another team but who knows what will happen given his fragility.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Losses In a Row? ZOMG Let's Panic!

Newsflash people, we were overrated.  That was probably just about the flattest performance I've seen by a Villanova team since Steve Lappas was the coach.  The only solution to end the agony  all of you are facing is to commit suicide it's quick, easy and only hurts for a little bit.  I'll wait until you drink the kool aid to drink it myself. 

Now for your viewing pleasure, the most annoying video ever:

Friday, February 19, 2010

I REALLY Don't Care About Tiger Woods

So today, Tiger Woods took up a bunch of time not really saying much at all and I couldn't care less. Woo-hoo he cheated on his hot ass Swedish wife with some skanky-ass hoes, why should I care. When he picks up the clubs again, maybe I will pay attention, but until then, fuck him. I mean have you seen the bitches that he supposedly got with? Compared to his wife:

I mean really dude? What an idiot.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Ready To Abuse Some Dogs.. Villanova-UConn Preview

Villanova has the opportunity to pour some dirt on UConn's coffin tonight with a victory at The Wachovia Center.  UConn has been revealed as a massive fraud as they haven't been able to win a single game on the road.  With Syracuse's loss to Louisville yesterday,  Villanova also will have the opportunity to put some distance between themselves and The Orange if they do well over this difficult stretch. 
Alright here we go. 

Villanova Wins If: They Limit UConn in the transition game. The Huskies have a very hard time scoring in a half court offense.  Believe it or not, it may be advantageous if The 'Cats slow the game down a bit.
Villanova Loses If: They play poorly on defense and UConn suddenly starts to hit threes. 
Thank God That: The Pollsters didn't decide to vault Duke over us.. I was afraid they would.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


With every game that he lifts Villanova to victory; Scottie Reynolds bolsters his case to be Big East Player of The Year.  Today, Scottie scored 22 points (17 in the second half) to lead The 'Cats over Providence at the Wachovia Center.  With Luke Harangody injured, Scottie has to be the prohibitive favorite for Player of the Year (unless people continue to suck Syracuse's dick and give it to Wesley Johnson.)  Given the lack of a clearly dominant player or team, Scottie may even be able to win one of the National Player of the Year awards.  Scottie is the Acie Law of this season.. The kind of player who will make any shot you need him to make in a difficult situation.  We have been truly blessed to see him over the past four years.

Scottie Watch: With 2075 points for his career, Scottie needs 169 to pass Kerry Kittles to become Villanova's all time leading scorer.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

College Basketball Sucks This Season

There is something extremely lackluster about this college basketball season that I can not quite put my finger on.  The fact that Villanova is off to perhaps the best start in school history makes me happy, but I am finding games outside of the Big East extremely difficult to watch.  I found myself more interested in The Real World than the Duke-Carolina game (which was excruciating to watch, even for five minutes.)  The lack of a dominant team is another thing about this season that is bothersome.  How in the world have people come to the conclusion that Kansas is so incredible? What has Cole Aldrich done in his career to seperate him from non white big men such as Eric Montross, Greg Ostertag (a fellow Jayhawk) or Aaron Gray? As much as it pains me to say this; the most exciting team in college basketball this season is UConn's Women's Team.  

What can happen to save the college basketball season for me:
  1.  The media can get Jim Boeheim's dick out of their mouth long enough to realize that Carmelo Anthony isn't suiting up for Syracuse this season.
  2. Villanova can learn to play defense.
  3. Kentucky loses in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.
  4. UNC misses the NIT.
  5. Duke finally gets a ranking that they deserve.
  6. Scottie picks up some hardware.
That's it for right now, Hopefully I'll preview the Providence game soon. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

West Virginia Fan #1

Half-Assed West Virginia Preview

(I looked up Villanova vs West Virginia on Google images and this came up. Like I said this will be half-assed)

Well I thought Fact was going to take this one as usual, but seems like he's slacking today, so here's my half-assed last-minute preview for tonight's game at West Virginia.

Here's all you need to know: 'Nova needs to bounce back from our first Big East loss, that embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Hoyas. The new rankings came out today our 'Cats are 4th in the AP and 5th in ESPN/Coaches poll while WVU is 5th in the AP and 4th in ESPN/Coaches Poll. While I don't agree with WVU jumping us in the Coaches Poll, I would say that's probably the best match up you could possibly have. This should be a great game and hopefully 'Nova can come out with a HUGE road win that we definitely need.

Scottie Watch: With 2,032 points on his career, Scottie Reynolds needs 212 to pass Kerry Kittles for the all-time scoring record at Villanova.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Has It Lost Its Luster? Villanova-Georgetown Preview

Hopefully It's not that Difficult
When Villanova takes the floor against Georgetown at the Verizon Center on Saturday, they will start a ridiculous nine game stretch in which five of their opponents are ranked in the top 25.  Of course, the media has an erection whenever Villanova faces The Hoyas because they happened to play in The Greatest National Championship Game of all time (imagine the outrage if West Virginia fans had been throwing banana peels on the floor instead of coins on Wednesday.)  In my opinion though, Villanova-Georgetown is not as sexy now due to the lack of emotional connection to the 1985 team by current students of the respective schools.  A rivalry simply isn't fun when the hate is so one sided.  We Villanova fans laugh at St. Joe's fans for despising Villanova so much when we could give a shit about them, but that is exactly what Villanova against Georgetown has become as they consider Syracuse their biggest rival and then UConn their secondary rival in most cases.  While there is no Duke-North Carolina element to this matchup, you would be totally wrong if you were to suggest that I don't possess a burning hatred for Georgetown (I've been indoctrinated from a young age to hate Georgetown.)  The real question in determining the validity of my argument is whether Georgetown fans hate Villanova so unconditionally that it is worthy of being called a rivalry, or if they look down on Villanova in some sort of elitist way? I believe it is more of the latter due to Georgetown's national and international reputation (something that Villanova is still trying to cultivate.)

Anyways, off my editorial and onto my quasi preview.

Villanova Wins If: They find a way to contain Greg MonroeMonroe cannot get 29 and 15 this time around and if he does, Georgetown will win.  Hopefully a better conditioned Mouphtaou Yarou will be able to contribute defensively against Monroe without getting into serious foul trouble.
Villanova Loses If: Monroe goes wild again in the scorebook.  The more points and rebounds Greg Monroe gets, the more that will open things up on the perimeter for guys like Wright and Freeman.
WTF of The Week: Why is Villanova kicking off ESPN's "Rivalry Week" against West Virginia? That's just about the worst possible pairing of Big East teams I can think of.
Scottie Watch: With 2,008 points on his career, Scottie Reynolds needs 236 to pass Kerry Kittles for the all-time scoring record at Villanova.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Villanova Beats Seton Hall 81-71, National Signing Day and Other Garbage

He Looks Gritty
Any way you shake it, last night's win over Seton Hall was HUGE.  Regardless of how good/bad The Hall is this season, the game last night was a trap game if there ever was one (see: Villanova-Georgetown 2009.)  The Pirates are a decent team who are perhaps the worst matchup for The 'Cats in the entire conference.  Jeremy Hazell put on a show at The Pavillion only to be benched by Gonzo for the final four minutes of the game for playing in a way the coach felt was detrimental to the team (I actually give Gonzalez credit for this as it shows he is a man of principle.)  The game last night also demonstrated Scottie's ability to take over a game in the clutch, which is why there is no question in my mind that he is a better player than Kerry Kittles (Kittles didn't want the ball at the end of games.)

Random Bullsheet:
  • National Signing Day fascinates me.  It is such a phenomenon among fans of big schools even though so many recruits have been verbally committed since before they even started their senior year.
  • Staying on the Signing Day topic, expect Villanova to bring in 15 scholarship players today
  • Hazell is an offensive machine and should have a long career in the NBA, even if it is in a situational role.
  • My little brother bought a Plaxico Burress jersey from The Giants' website for only $15 yesterday.. That's pretty awesome.
  • Scottie MUST stay out of foul trouble against better teams than Seton Hall. 
That's it for right now.. I should have more on the football recruits plus a GTown preview later in the week.

Scottie Goes over 2,000 as Villanova Outlasts Seton Hall

Scottie Watch is going into a completely new dimension this week, what started as something to determine whether or not he would score 2,000 points is now going to track how much he is eventually going to eclipse Kerry Kittles by.  Scottie was quiet early, but in pressure situations he was brilliant as usual.  Now all I can wonder is whether Scottie is the greatest guard in Villanova history.

The number now is 2,008: 236 from owning the record.

Seton Hall Recap should be up Later Today.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am So Fucking Tired of KenPom Disciples

This Computer thingy is pretty interesting
I understand how metrics can be interesting to the common fan (I even use them as a reference from time to time.)  What I do not understand is how one stat (that does not take the intangible aspects of the game into account) can be a viable predictor of a team's ultimate fate in the NCAA Tournament.  The stat in which i am referring to is Ken Pomeroy's vaunted defensive efficiency rankings.  I get it.. Villanova is an unpolished defensive team (According to KenPom, We're 69th in defensive efficiency,) but that doesn't mean that everything is doom and gloom.  Defenders of KenPom's rankings will tell you that no team outside the top 25 in his rankings have made it to the final four in the last decade.  Villanova's poor defensive metrics are attributed to poor perimeter defense and sending opponents to the charity stripe far too often.  Villanova's defensive deficincies illustrated by metrics can be attributed to a young team who had two key defensive injuries (Reggie Redding and Mouphtaou Yarou) during the early part of the season.  A young team will cut down on it's fouls and allow fewer open shots.  You also must take into account the intangibles, like a team that physically overwhelm's the other team (see last year's Villanova-Duke game.)  Just putting this shitty analysis out there as a little food for thought.   Remember, before you subscribe to KenPom's bullshit, he has the Big East ranked behind the ACC.

Villanova-Seton Hall Preview

Villanova will look to extend it's 35 game winning streak at The Pavillion against Seton Hall on Tuesday.  The Pirates started off the season in a promising fashion but they have fallen back to earth recently.  Villanova must account for stud guard Jeremy Hazell who torched them in the overtime win last year at the Prudential Center.  If Villanova wins, it will mark the first time in school history that the team has gone 20-1 and the first time they have started Big East play at 9-0.

Villanova Wins If: They contain Hazell and play solid defense on the other Pirate players.  Villanova can also win if they wear out The Pirates by playing eleven and then running them to death.
Villanova Loses If: They are slowed down and Hazell has the game of his life.  They must learn to play aggressively without sending the other team to the charity stripe 30 times a game.
Interesting Fact about Seton Hall: E Street Band and Conan O'brien drummer Max Weinberg is an alumnus.
Scottie Watch: Scottie Reynolds is seven points away from 2,000 and 251 points from breaking Kerry Kittles' school record.