Thursday, February 11, 2010

College Basketball Sucks This Season

There is something extremely lackluster about this college basketball season that I can not quite put my finger on.  The fact that Villanova is off to perhaps the best start in school history makes me happy, but I am finding games outside of the Big East extremely difficult to watch.  I found myself more interested in The Real World than the Duke-Carolina game (which was excruciating to watch, even for five minutes.)  The lack of a dominant team is another thing about this season that is bothersome.  How in the world have people come to the conclusion that Kansas is so incredible? What has Cole Aldrich done in his career to seperate him from non white big men such as Eric Montross, Greg Ostertag (a fellow Jayhawk) or Aaron Gray? As much as it pains me to say this; the most exciting team in college basketball this season is UConn's Women's Team.  

What can happen to save the college basketball season for me:
  1.  The media can get Jim Boeheim's dick out of their mouth long enough to realize that Carmelo Anthony isn't suiting up for Syracuse this season.
  2. Villanova can learn to play defense.
  3. Kentucky loses in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.
  4. UNC misses the NIT.
  5. Duke finally gets a ranking that they deserve.
  6. Scottie picks up some hardware.
That's it for right now, Hopefully I'll preview the Providence game soon. 

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