Friday, February 5, 2010

Has It Lost Its Luster? Villanova-Georgetown Preview

Hopefully It's not that Difficult
When Villanova takes the floor against Georgetown at the Verizon Center on Saturday, they will start a ridiculous nine game stretch in which five of their opponents are ranked in the top 25.  Of course, the media has an erection whenever Villanova faces The Hoyas because they happened to play in The Greatest National Championship Game of all time (imagine the outrage if West Virginia fans had been throwing banana peels on the floor instead of coins on Wednesday.)  In my opinion though, Villanova-Georgetown is not as sexy now due to the lack of emotional connection to the 1985 team by current students of the respective schools.  A rivalry simply isn't fun when the hate is so one sided.  We Villanova fans laugh at St. Joe's fans for despising Villanova so much when we could give a shit about them, but that is exactly what Villanova against Georgetown has become as they consider Syracuse their biggest rival and then UConn their secondary rival in most cases.  While there is no Duke-North Carolina element to this matchup, you would be totally wrong if you were to suggest that I don't possess a burning hatred for Georgetown (I've been indoctrinated from a young age to hate Georgetown.)  The real question in determining the validity of my argument is whether Georgetown fans hate Villanova so unconditionally that it is worthy of being called a rivalry, or if they look down on Villanova in some sort of elitist way? I believe it is more of the latter due to Georgetown's national and international reputation (something that Villanova is still trying to cultivate.)

Anyways, off my editorial and onto my quasi preview.

Villanova Wins If: They find a way to contain Greg MonroeMonroe cannot get 29 and 15 this time around and if he does, Georgetown will win.  Hopefully a better conditioned Mouphtaou Yarou will be able to contribute defensively against Monroe without getting into serious foul trouble.
Villanova Loses If: Monroe goes wild again in the scorebook.  The more points and rebounds Greg Monroe gets, the more that will open things up on the perimeter for guys like Wright and Freeman.
WTF of The Week: Why is Villanova kicking off ESPN's "Rivalry Week" against West Virginia? That's just about the worst possible pairing of Big East teams I can think of.
Scottie Watch: With 2,008 points on his career, Scottie Reynolds needs 236 to pass Kerry Kittles for the all-time scoring record at Villanova.

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