Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Ready To Abuse Some Dogs.. Villanova-UConn Preview

Villanova has the opportunity to pour some dirt on UConn's coffin tonight with a victory at The Wachovia Center.  UConn has been revealed as a massive fraud as they haven't been able to win a single game on the road.  With Syracuse's loss to Louisville yesterday,  Villanova also will have the opportunity to put some distance between themselves and The Orange if they do well over this difficult stretch. 
Alright here we go. 

Villanova Wins If: They Limit UConn in the transition game. The Huskies have a very hard time scoring in a half court offense.  Believe it or not, it may be advantageous if The 'Cats slow the game down a bit.
Villanova Loses If: They play poorly on defense and UConn suddenly starts to hit threes. 
Thank God That: The Pollsters didn't decide to vault Duke over us.. I was afraid they would.


  1. And for those of you who are confused by the laptop pic (ok I understand nobody is actually reading this) Fact is referring to an incident at UCONN a few years back when a number of high profile basketball players were caught stealing laptops from students

  2. I'm reading this...congrats to Scottie for wininng BE Player of the Week. I confess, I don't know what the computer means.

  3. Well, UConn won! This is the fourth major upset in Big East men’s basketball in the last four days! I guess I should follow this conference more to see what will happen next!