Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Villanova Beats Seton Hall 81-71, National Signing Day and Other Garbage

He Looks Gritty
Any way you shake it, last night's win over Seton Hall was HUGE.  Regardless of how good/bad The Hall is this season, the game last night was a trap game if there ever was one (see: Villanova-Georgetown 2009.)  The Pirates are a decent team who are perhaps the worst matchup for The 'Cats in the entire conference.  Jeremy Hazell put on a show at The Pavillion only to be benched by Gonzo for the final four minutes of the game for playing in a way the coach felt was detrimental to the team (I actually give Gonzalez credit for this as it shows he is a man of principle.)  The game last night also demonstrated Scottie's ability to take over a game in the clutch, which is why there is no question in my mind that he is a better player than Kerry Kittles (Kittles didn't want the ball at the end of games.)

Random Bullsheet:
  • National Signing Day fascinates me.  It is such a phenomenon among fans of big schools even though so many recruits have been verbally committed since before they even started their senior year.
  • Staying on the Signing Day topic, expect Villanova to bring in 15 scholarship players today
  • Hazell is an offensive machine and should have a long career in the NBA, even if it is in a situational role.
  • My little brother bought a Plaxico Burress jersey from The Giants' website for only $15 yesterday.. That's pretty awesome.
  • Scottie MUST stay out of foul trouble against better teams than Seton Hall. 
That's it for right now.. I should have more on the football recruits plus a GTown preview later in the week.


  1. What the hell Fact? Scottie finally hits 2,000 and you just ignore it? Not even a Scottie watch? Color me disappointed.

  2. wow, i was literally too drunk in class this morning to scroll down for the scottie post