Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Maalik Wayns

Maalik Wayns had perhaps the most immediate impact of any of the players from this year's heralded freshman class.  Inevitably drawing comparisons to Kyle Lowry simply because they both are point guards from Philadelphia that comparison is lazy to me as they are very different players.  To be honest, I think Maalik is better on the offensive end than Kyle was and can only get better if he improves his game from the perimeter.  Possessed with blazing speed with the ball in his hands, Wayns is a deadly weapon in the fast break and Villanova is better suited to go up-tempo when he's directing traffic.  I only look for him to become more of a threat on the offensive end due to his speed and ability to drive the ball on players much bigger than him.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Scottie Named First Team All American

No surprise here, but Scottie Reynolds capped off his illustrious career at Villanova with First Team All-America honors by the Associated Press.  He's the ninth First Team All-American school history the most recent being Randy Foye.

Villanova Player By Player Season Wrapup: Maurice Sutton

When Maurice Sutton committed to Villanova two years ago I had one question; Why? Before the season I was not too optimistic as to his prospects for playing time but he turned out having more of an impact than I thought he would once Mouph got hurt.  He turned out to be a valuable reserve at times because Antonio Pena proved that he could not stay out of foul trouble and demonstrated the ability to block shots.  Shot blocking is an asset that Villanova has been lacking since Malik Allen graduated and even he wasn't that great a shot blocker.  If he is able to build himself up in the weight room and work on his post moves, I wouldn't rule out him starting at some point at Villanova, just not next season or the season after that. 

Jay Bilas Could Convince Me To Burn Down A Building

In the realm of sports commentators and more specifically, sports commentators on ESPN I generally have nothing but heated contempt towards them.  That's absolutely not the case with Jay Bilas who by some strange measure I am able to look past the fact that he want to Duke and look at the fact that he is the only person in that god forsaken network willing to stand up to Dick Vitale and point him out for the idiot he is.  Bilas makes me agree with just about everything that he says in such a way that I can not explain.  If was on ESPN trying to persuade people to burn down buildings, I may just partake in such an activity.  Do us a favor ESPN, get Rick Reilly off the air and replace him with Bilas.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Feel Like Doing to Myself Right Now Because Duke is in The Final Four

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Taylor King

Taylor King started his Villanova career after transfering from Dook on such a tear that it left some to wonder if he was even capable of missing a shot. All of that changed though and based on this quote of mine from after the Drexel game you can tell what I thought about T-King at the beginning of the season:
Taylor King continued to provide instant offense off the bench as he had 16 points (on four of six from three point range) and five rebounds.
Things changed though and by the second West Virginia game I was saying this:
Villanova Wins If: They are able to come into this game with ample energy to grab some fucking rebounds. When did this team forget how to rebound? It would also help if Taylor King remembered how to make a shot rather than standing around collecting fouls and looking like a retard.
So as you can see, either King just bombed out or I was delusionally using him as a scapegoat.  I don't think that my attitude about him was wrong because it was pretty much unanimous amongst other Nova fans.  Whatever the reason for his decline down the stretch all we can do is hope that next season he can build on the positves about this season and regain his offensive form.  Villanova needs Taylor King to perform if only for contrast purposes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bob Huggins is a Great Coach

Say what you want about Bob Huggins' historically terrible graduation rate.  What I have to say is that he may be the best combination recruiter/strategic coach in America.  I've come to respect him since he came to the Big East because he's cleaner than Calipari and not nearly as greasy as Pitino.  Say what you want about the track suit, but I'm rooting so hard for West Virginia to beat Kentucky (not just because they're my only final four team left.)

Villanova Player By Player Season Wrapup: Corey Stokes

That ees purty
Corey Stokes came to Villanova with the reputation as a pure jump shooter.  Since then he has added other labels to his resume including public urinator competent rebounder and defender.  Stokes will always be known as a shooter first, which isn't necessarily a bad label considering the object of basketball is to score more points than the other team.  One problem with Stokes' game is that he can be woefully inconsistent.  On some nights he looks like he can't miss (Marquette game in the Big East Tournament,) but others he just looks off.  The problem that arises when Stokes' jumpshot is off is that the rest of game falls off a cliff and he becomes nothing short of ineffective.  Next season, if Stokes continues to work on his game off the bounce and becomes more consistent overall, he could be a very dangerous weapon who could light up the scoreboard.  I'll conservatively say that he'll average 13 points a game next year. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Four Years Ago Today.. FUCK

Thank God I was in Europe when this happened and was unable to see it live because I may have blown my brains out if I saw the player who dismantled perhaps the best chance Villanova has had of winning a National Championship since 1985.  I don't have the blind hatred of Joakim Noah that others do because I've never actually watched that game.  If only The 'Cats had a 2009 version of Dante Cunningham on that team, they may have been able to slow Noah and Al Horford.  Hopefully Mouph becomes the interior presence that has been missing for so long and helps us finally climb the hump. 

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Antonio Pena

Tone's finish to the season was painful
Antonio Pena is an enigma.  He can be dominant or he can be woefully ineffective.  Because he's blessed with a freakish body and skillset, I'm often left to wonder if he has the head for the game or if he would be better off playing Tight End for the football team.  Villanova seemed to play well when Pena played well and play poorly when he got into foul trouble.  At the beginning of the year, it looked as if Tone would be able to adequately fill the void left behind by Dante Cunningham.  As the Big East season came, it was apparent that he couldn't stay on the court long enough to provide that interior presence that this team so desperately needed.  As Omar Samhan was eating Mouph alive in the NCAA Tournament, Antonio was nowhere to be found as he seemingly fell out of favor with the coaching staff.  In order to return to contention, Villanova needs the interior presence that Tone is capable of providing, I'm just going to hedge my bets until he proves that he has enough between his ears to prove that his output will match his ability.  Prove me wrong Tone, please prove me wrong. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spoiled Fan Alert: It Feels Weird Watching a Sweet Sixteen Without Villanova

Sucess is a bitch sometimes.  I'm watching Syracuse play Butler and I feel a profound sense of emptiness.  It's gotten to the point where I expect to see Villanova make it to at least the Sweet Sixteen.  I don't know why I feel this way considering they had never made it that far from the day of my birth until 2005, but now I feel like we had an awful season whenever we don't.  I guess another factor in feeling this way is that I'm old enough to realize the Villanova Hype Machine within the Philadelphia Media whenever we are good.  That hype is fueled by the fact that Villanova has surpassed The 76ers as Philly's pro basketball team (for better or worse.)  I never want to be like a UNC or Kentucky fan who wants the coach to be fired whenever the team doesn't meet expectations, but I never want to be complacent with the NIT and losing early in the NCAA Tournament either.  What is the happy middle ground for yearly expectations?  I tend to have very low expectations at the beginning of a season until Villanova beats a few cupcakes by 20 points, at which point I tend to get into (irrational) arguments as to why they are better than the team ranked number one at that juncture.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get over the fact that my school has a fucking awesome basketball team and stop whining about their unprecedented success.

While you're thinking about what I said, take a look at some Gus Johnson Mad Libs.

Five Years Ago Today

Sad Face

The Villanovan is a Steaming Pile of Shit

There are many reasons to hate The Villanovan besides the fact that it is a second rate weekly student newspaper.  The opinions suck, the sports coverage sucks, the entertainment coverage is woefully inadequate and most of all they are never critical enough of the way Villanova operates as a university except their incessant and annoying calls for greater diversity.  From it's veiled character assassination of comedian Steve Trevino three years ago to it's woefully inadequate sports coverage, I've always felt that a copy of the Villanovan is best used as free toilet paper.  With all of that in mind, it was no surprise to me when I went on the paper's website to find the shitty negative tone best suited for the New York PostIf The Villanovan was a daily paper, negativity would be understandable, but the fact that they are trying to be controversial nearly a week after Villanova lost to St. Mary's is absolutely ridiculous and furthers my negative opinion of them.  My negativity toward the team wore off about six hours after they lost because I had known since about february that this team would not do well as long as Scottie was the only offensive threat of which to speak.  Here's a thought, get someone to write about sports who knows the difference between a Final Four caliber team like the Villanova team in 2009 year and a team that is overseeded like 2010 Wildcats.

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Corey Fisher

Corey Fisher had his best season in a Villanova uniform this season, finishing second on the team in points and leading the team in assists while playing smarter and more consistent basketball.  What particularly impressed me about Fish this season was his improved outside game, especially in the latter part of the season.  What remains to bee seen is what role he will take next season in the absence of Scottie Reynolds because they are in desperate need of leadership which was the achilles heel of the team this year.  This will also be the second consecutive year that Villanova will lose it's leading scorer and that's another place where Fisher will need to step up because ideally he'll score around 16 points a game or set others up to make up for the points lost by Scottie by spreading the ball around.  If Fish continues to improve his shooting range combined with his already deadly ability to create off the bounce, he could contend for Big East player of the year next year.

Clarification on Yesterday's Rant

In yesterday's article where I argued that upsets weren't the best thing for the NCAA Tournament, I was strictly speaking from an economic stance and was basing nothing on personal feelings.  I love upsets (who doesn't) but I would rather see the NCAA Tournament stay the same rather than expand which would make upsets far more meaningless.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Actually Agree With People Who Say Upsets are Bad for The NCAA Tournament

I know there is a faction of people out there who scoff at those who say upsets are bad for the NCAA Tournament but to those deniers I say (with respect) that you are wrong.  Would you rather see Kentucky-Kansas in the National Championship or Cornell-Northern Iowa?  I don't think there is any question that a matchup between Bill Self and John Calipari would be far more interesting to those outside of Ithaca, New York and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  If a 12 Seed were to play a five seed in the National Championship the fallout would be catastrophic, so while I root for upsets.. I also root for a competitive final four in which there is actually some interest.  I know I sound like a prick or an elitist, but sometimes being an elitist is in the best interest the sport.  The 2005 Rose Bowl, which is widely considered to be the Greatest College Football Game ever was a matchup between two perennial powerhouses with big name coaches and two future first round draft picks starting for the opposing teams.  How can you top that? The simple answer is, you can't.  While Cornell and Northern Iowa have done something awesome this year and I would love to see them keep winning, I cannot say in good faith that it would ultimately be a good thing for the NCAA Tournament in it's current iteration for them to keep winning. 

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Reggie Redding

Reggie Scrapping
Reggie Redding has been the prototypical "glue guy" for the past four seasons at Villanova.  His true impact on the Villanova team may never be known because he never put up big offensive numbers.  What is known though is that Reggie has been Villanova's most consistent perimeter defender the past four years and that he gradually improved on offense every year, becoming more and more comfortable with the jump shot that he flashed at Hoops Mania his freshman season (a performance that was generally forgotten amongst this.)  Because of Jay Wright's unconventional approach, Reggie was often forced to play against guys who were four inches taller and over 50 pounds heavier but he never complained that he didn't light up the score sheet on a daily basis.  Michael Lewis, author of The Blind Side once wrote an article on why Shane Battier was the MVP of the NBA despite his pedestrian stats.  Lewis' rationale was not based on Battier's presence on the scoresheet but his ability to affect a game and allow The Rockets to win.  Michael Lewis' evaluation of Battier is perhaps the best way to quantify Redding: a player who isn't flashy but will dive for balls, take charges, play relentless defense, occasionally score points but most importantly do whatever his team needs him to do in order to win.  It's unfortunate that Reggie had to do his best Afroman impersonation last summer because it was apparent that he was never completely comfortable in his role this season for one reason or another.  Reggie's career high scoring average was this season at 7.3 per clip and his career average was only 5.5 per, but I have little doubt in my mind that Reggie is the greatest player in Villanova history who averaged only a nickel per game. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Killing Time on a Monday: Matt Szczur Facts

In the spirit of Chuck Norris Facts or Jay Wright Facts, I've decided to come up with some facts about Villanova's very own demigod Matt Szczur
  • The Virgin Mary named her baby Jesus because she couldn't spell Szczur.
  • Matt Szczur once ate his entire birthday cake before his friends told him there was a stripper inside.
  • Tiger's mistresses thought they were sleeping with Matt Szczur.
  • Matt Szczur is wanted in Montana for genocide.
  • When Matt Szczur went to Jerusalem, people tried to nail him to a cross.  To their dismay, he escaped because no one Catches Matt Szczur.. Ever
  • Matt Szczur once broke 20 tackles in a flag football game.
  • Matt Szczur is not familiar with the letter 'K'
  • Barry Bonds took steroids because he wanted to be like Matt Szczur.
  • When Smokey the Bear said "Only you can prevent forest fires," he was speaking directly to Matt Szczur.
  • Matt Szczur has slept with approximately 3 billion women because he never strikes out.
  • Matt Szczur lost his virginity before his father.
  • Satan attempted to filibuster Matt Szczur's conception.
  • The original health care bill included a cap on the punishment dished out by Matt Szczur.
  • Matt Szczur can win a game of Connect Four in 3 moves.
  • Before Signing with Villanova, Matt Szczur was tempted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.
  • Matt Szczur wanted to play three sports at Villanova, but they wouldn't sanction barehanded lion hunting.
  • Matt Szczur's football number has a direct correlation to the number of testicles he has.
Let's hear some more, comments?

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Scottie Reynolds

After four years on the Main Line it's hard to picture a game at The Pavillion without Scottie Reynolds.  I've been regularly attending Villanova games since 1995 so I've been around for Kerry KittlesAlvin WilliamsAllan Ray, Randy Foye and Curtis Sumpter but never have I seen the student section so readily embrace a player as they embrace Scottie.  Scottie has never been the biggest or the fastest player on the floor but he makes up for his lack of size with fierce determination, a huge heard and a set of brass balls. 
I remember exactly where I was when I read that Scottie had committed to Villanova which offset the sense of loss I felt when Kyle Lowry (who for the record I always felt lukewarm about) went to the NBA.  What I didn't know while I was sitting in graphic arts class during the final period of a beautiful May day in 2006 was that I was reading about a guy who would leave Villanova four years later as one of the most greatest players in school history.  Scottie endeared himself to the crowd for his all out play and his selfless attitude and maximization of his output despite his lesser athleticism.  He didn't care if he scored four points or 40 points but one thing was for sure, that if the game was on the line, he wanted the ball in his hands which is a reason why he is the complete opposite of Kittles.
While Scottie's season did not end the way any of us wanted, the only way to truly appreciate him is to look at the numbers.
  • 2,222 career points, second all time at Villanova.
  • 472 career assists, seventh all time.
  • 203 career steals, fourth all time.
  • During his career at Villanova, The 'Cats won 99 games.
  • Scottie's career included only two losses at The Pavillion and none since his sophomore year.
  • One Final Four
  • Two Sweet Sixteens
  • No association with Kelvin Sampson.
Behold Scottie's Ultimate Legacy:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup Starts Tomorrow

I did a player by player season preview at the beginning of the season detailing my expectations for the team.  Right off the bat, I thought Isaiah Armwood was going to redshirt (if Mouph hadn't been sick he probably would have.)  I also underestimated Maurice Sutton a little bit, so I apologize to you Maurice.  What we saw was a tale of two seasons, from the incredible highs of the first half to the shitty lows of the second half.  Starting tomorrow I'll do my thoughts of each player's season the highs, lows and the significant moments of the season and how they applied to certain players.  I might lump players together (walkons) and with the younger guys I'll do a prospectus on what I expect for them in 2010-2011 

Offseason Filler, Mailbag/Hate Mail

Ok, since it's roughly five months until Football season eight months until next basketball season I've decided to start a mailbag that I'll update periodically with your hate mail/questions about Villanova Sports.  Don't send me relationship advice like they do on Kissing Suzy Kolber, I have to get my own shit together before that happens. But Yeah, don't be shy: electronic mail me at

Matt Szczur Rakes Against Youngstown State 4-5, HR 3 RBIs

So yeah, I went to see Matt Szczur and the Villanova Baseball Team play today expecting to see him play well.  What I didn't expect was for him to go 4-5 with a home run and three RBIs.  I left the game wondering aloud if there is anything he can't do.  I think the US Curling team should go after him and see if he wants to skip for them at the 2014 Winter Olympics.  His batting average after today is WELL over .500.  Mattszczurcanyouimpregnatethewomanimarry?

What Can Be Said That Hasn't Been Said Already?

I have never seen the fortunes of a Villanova team change so rapidly for no apparent reason.  We went from a team that was up and down the floor launching (and making) threes with gusto.  It all ended with a team that was beaten down emotionally and physically and an all time great who seemed to be either injured or exhausted from carrying his team all season.  Youth, lack of leadership and poor coaching all played a part but in the end we as Nova fans must embrace the fact that maybe the 2009-2010 edition of The Wildcats were simply fluffed up and way overhyped from the beginning of the season.  Nothing this entire season suggested that this team was as good as its ranking and the utter ineptness in seemingly all facets of the game demonstrated how much this team missed Dwayne Anderson, Dante Cunningham and even Shane Clark.  At this point, we shouldn't look back and wonder what could have been because this team shouldn't have been expected to make the Final Four this season like so many predicted.  Just be happy despite the foul stench of Lappas that this team emitted this year because we have a classy coach who is running a first class program with a plethora of young talent coming back for next year along with a nationally ranked recruiting class that may not be finished (Cory Joseph.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What If: Scottie got Hurt During the Rutgers Game?

Joined at The Hip
One prevailing (and frustrating) theme of this season has been the rest of the team's reliance on Scottie Reynolds to create, forcing him to either jack up shitty shots or for other teams to key on him to the point where he is a non factor in games, knowing that if they limited him, the rest of the Villanova team would be helpless to do anything. 
Because of the team's over reliance on Scottie, I want to pose a hypothetical situation: would this season be different if Scottie got hurt during the Rutgers game and was forced to miss the next two or three games? I think the answer is absolutely unequivocally yes.  At the max, that would have taken Scottie out of the St. John's, Notre Dame and Seton Hall games only to be back in time to play at Georgetown.  I think that it can generally be agreed on that the game against Georgetown was when teams started to figure us out. Had Scottie missed games leading up to that one, they would have had a trial by fire without the benefit of their best player and undisputed leader which would have been the best "teaching moment" this team could have had. Jay's stunt before the Robert Morris game only proved a point to other teams that this Villanova team is utterly unprepared to play against anyone without their security blanket lighting up the score board.  

This is in no way an indictment of Scottie who is one of my all time favorite players, but an indictment of Jay's handling of the rest of the team who are shellshocked without him.

Looking Ahead: St. Mary's

Oi Oi Oi

Now that it's the day after, it's time to wash the shitty taste of that game out of my mouth.  Villanova won, no matter how much Doug Gottlieb and Mike Greenberg wanted to bitch about it this morning like they were a couple of Rabbis in a sauna.  That game is behind us now, what we have to look forward to is a game against St. Mary'sThe Gaels are loaded with players from Australia and have one thing that the one thing Villanova struggles against most: size.  Unfortunately, St. Mary's must not be a real school because there is no blogger that I can launch inane questions at like I did with Robert Morris.  All kidding aside, The 'Cats must turn the nightmare of the RMU game into a positive when they play on Saturday.  If they are unable to pull out of the recent funk they're in, they could be in for a long day against St. Mary's.
Alright here are my thoughts on the game:

Villanova Wins If: They are able to find the balance between interior and perimeter defense.  St. Mary's center Omar Samhan averages 24 points and 12 rebounds a game, If Villanova let's him dominate the glass it will be a long night.  Interior scoring is not the only facet of St. Mary's game. Matt Dellavedova and Mickey McConnell can both stroke it from the perimeter.  It all will start with how Mouph handles Samhan though.  If they are able to deny him opportunities, Villanova has a very good chance to win this game. 
Villanova Loses If: They're lit up from outside, foul too much and are crushed on the defensive glass.  If Scottie shoots like he did against Robert Morris, we're fucked.
Scottie Watch: Scottie Reynolds now needs only 30 points to pass Kerry Kittles.  Judging by the law of averages, it will take a win against St. Mary's to make that happen.

Based On Thursday's Results.. We Did Alright

Well, after watching the other three Big East team's that played on thursday lose, I feel slightly better about the egg Villanova almost laid against Robert Morris.  Either Ohio wasn't a 14 seed or Georgetown was over rated based on wins against Villanova and Duke (both also over rated.)  It makes me feel really good that teams that accounted for two of Villanova's losses were upset thursday (not really.)  Marquette was an enigmatic team, they could look awesome or lose to the king of the mediocre (aka the PAC 10 champion) unfortunately they did the latter tonight.  Notre Dame just looked pitiful toward the end and it's unfortunate that such a great player like Luke Harangody has to graduate without his team achieving some sort of success in the NCAA Tournament and he was powerless to help against Old Dominion.  So I guess we can be glad that we're not first round casualties as we would have been in the Lappas era.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is The Deal With The Lack of Rebounding?

I don't expect a smallish Villanova team to kill it on the boards game in and game out, but to allow a smaller, less athletic team out rebound you like Robert Morris did comes down to one thing: effort.  For years we've heard about "playing 40 minutes of Villanova Basketball" which translates to playing hard, diving for loose balls, taking charges and leaving nothing out on the floor.  Generally, playing hard translate to getting defensive rebounds and second chance opportunities on offense, but lately this team has been doing neither.  It's quite maddening because last year's group of Wildcats had a few of the hardest working, high energy players in the history of the program in Dante Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson.  I don't know how they do it but Jay must figure out some way to sure up the rebounding while not sacrificing offense.  Perhaps the best course of action would be to play a slightly bigger lineup with Pena, King and Mouph on the floor at the same time to maximize the rebounding abilities but still have three players on the floor who can create spacing.  Perhaps the decision should have nothing to do with the size of the players on the floor but rather have the five guys (other than Russell Wooten) who are working the hardest in practice.   

Yahoo Drone Chris Chase Can Go Suck a Dick

Today on Yahoo, Chris Chase who is one of their drones writers decided to fan the flames on a fire created by retards who have nothing better to do than cry foul.  The officiating of the game wasn't very good, but as for the game being fixed, bullshit.  Did Villanova benefit from the officiating? There is no question in my mind that they did, but was the game Maliciously fixed? Absolutely not.  If the refs wanted to fix the game in Villanova's favor they would have called a technical foul on Mike Rice for one of his multiple outbursts where a technical could have been (and probably should have been) handed out.  His article even tries to further prejudice the readership by referring to Robert Morris as "tiny" a simple tactic for someone trying to project a bias onto his readership.  What he neglects to tell you though is that in terms of undergraduate enrollment, Villanova isn't much larger than RMU.  This is the typical story by the mainstream media trumpeting the virtues of the little guy from the NEC while simultaneously dumping on the team from the Big East.  Can't the team with the big budget be celebrated for it's virtues while doing it in a dignified manner?

What I Learned From Villanova-Robert Morris

Wow, that game was an absolute mindfuck.  You go from the questionable decision to sit Scottie and Fish at the start of the game to Villanova getting some very friendly (yet technically correct) officiating.  If a player has done something bad enough to keep them out of the starting lineup you should either sit them for an entire half or keep them out of the game entirely.  It was obvious that we weren't seeing the real Scottie Reynolds for the majority of the game.  Oh well, all we should focus on now is Richmond/St. Mary's and hopefully we can put that abortion of a game behind us. 
Here's what I learned:
  • Scottie is a better player than Kerry Kittles because of games like today.  Kittles wouldn't have drained all those free throws nor would he have the guile to launch a three pointer in overtime when his shot was off all game.
  • We need to figure out a way to finish teams.  When we were up in overtime, we keep giving Robert Morris an opportunity to come back into the game.
  • Big kudos to the kids from RMU, they played nearly well enough to win that game.
  • The officials were helpful for us, although they didn't make any calls that were out of line.  A looser officiated game would have resulted in a Villanova loss.
  • Corey Fisher: make your free throws.
  • Mouph was an absolute monster today.  As he matures, he has the chance to be an incredible player.  I just hope that Verne Lundquist learns to pronounce his name correctly. 
  • That little dude from Robert Morris is going to be a star.  I just hope I never have to see him play against Villanova again.   
  • Onions!
  • Geez, it kinda sucks to be the big bad wolf, everyone in that building was cheering against us.
  • Scottie Watch: With 20 points today, Scottie became just the second player in school history to surpass 2,000 points.  With 2,214 career points he now needs 30 to pass Kerry Kittles. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thoughts and Links- Villanova NCAA Tournament Edition

Despite the fact that Villanova has been subpar the last 7 games, pundits at the four letter word seem to really like our chances of making the Final Four.  Frankly, I don't know whether to be thrilled or scared.  Very rarely do you see Dick Vitale pic against Dook and he did exactly that when I saw him on TV the other day.  It seems weird how quickly these talking heads can forget how pitifully we finished the season.  Oh well, I'll take any positive press we can get as it only further bolsters the profile of the program and makes Villanova even more attractive to potential recruits. 
Here's What I'm thinking/what others are saying:

  • The NCAA Tournament Committee should make up its mind on what it wants the criteria to be for selection and stick to it.  The fact that there are obviously sentimental matchups like Cornell-Temple is ridiculous.  Also, what is the criteria for teams to play in the play-in game rather than being an automatic 16 seed.
  • Talking about "The Eye Test" is stupid.  Villanova has never passed the eye test yet has been one of the ten best programs in the nation for the last six years. 
  • I think it is very plausible that there could be three Big East teams in the Final Four.  If one of those teams is Villanova, then I like our chances (insert not so subtle 1985 reference here.)
  • After my correspondence with Colonials Corner, I don't want to beat Robert Morris by as many points as i did earlier in the week.  I still do want to kick their asses though. 
  • It's awesome that Scottie is getting the attention he deserves.  The reason Scottie Reynolds is a better player than Kerry Kittles is not only quantified by his six wins in the NCAA Tournament (Compared to one by Kittles,) but also by the fact that he wants the ball in his hand to end a game. 
  • Reggie Redding may have made a stupid choice but he did his time and enters the tournament as perhaps the most important player on Villanova's team on the defensive end.
  • Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News gives five reasons for the slide in the end of the season.   
  • Dick "Hoops" Weiss of the New York Daily News and owner of perhaps the worst toupee on earth writes on Villanova's expectations.
  • In perhaps my least favorite publicity stunt ever, Baracketology is out again.  One redeeming quality: Barry has Villanova in the Final Four.  Are the president's people really trying to pass him off as the only president who has ever been a sports fan?
  • Mike Rice, the Head Coach at Robert Morris lived in the same neigbhborhood as Jay Wright when Rice was an assistant at St. Joe's
  • Bobby Gonzalez was canned by Seton Hall Today.  I'm not going to act like I'm surprised.
  • Jeff Goodman on his twitter says that he talked to Taylor King and was told that he'll play in the NCAA Tourney.  As far as I'm concerned, he'll have to earn it. 
That's all for now, I have a test today and then i'm going to hopefully drink until I die. 

Behind Enemy Lines- A Chat With Colonials Corner

Earlier in the week I reached out to Andrew, the head man at Colonials Corner to see if he wanted to do a little Q&A and he happily obliged.  It was nice to get his perspective and hopefully stuff like this will be more common as I attempt to bring this shitty blog up to snuff with competitors like those assholes at The Nova Blog (jaykay.)  Anyways my answers to his questions questions are here.

Fact: If you were Jay Wright, how would you game plan against Robert Morris?
Colonials Corner: If I'm Jay Wright, I'm going to do two things. First, I'm going to double down as often as possible on forward Rob Robinson. Quinnipiac did it in the Northeast Conference championship game and held him to 3 points. If Robinson isn't in the flow of the game, RMU essentially has no inside offensive presence. Second, I'm going to harass Karon Abraham all night. Deny him the ball, use his short stature (5'9, 150) and have my hands up in his face to take away shooting lanes. Take away Abraham and Robinson, and you're in great shape.

Fact: I’m used to being a fan of a school where if you miss the NCAA tournament, it’s an unmitigated failure. What is it like to make the NCAA tournament when you know the chance of going as an at large if you lose your conference tournament is next to none?
Colonials Corner: It makes the regular season that much more gut-wrenching. Gray hairs sprout faster, livers are shot from the drinking, sleep becomes nothing more than a myth. Robert Morris has won the last two conference titles and been in the dance the past two years. Prior to that, they had not been in the dance since 1992. No major program could go that long without a significant overhaul.

Fact: I admittedly know very little about Robert Morris aside from the fact that they have a hockey team and play non scholarship FCS football. Who is generally considered to be your biggest rival?
Colonials Corner: Mount St. Mary's, without a doubt, is the spawn of Satan in the eyes of anyone associated with Robert Morris. Both teams play a similar style - high intensity defense, very quick guard play, athletic forwards, and extremely physical - and it's lead to very intense moments. Think of it as a mini-version of Pitt and West Virginia. Oh, and there have been heroics: You can check out the last five minutes of the 2009 championship game, including Dallas Green's winning shot, on YouTube:

Fact: What Names should Villanova fans know before this game? Who could become Robert Morris’ Bryce Drew?
Colonials Corner: Karon Abraham will frustrate 'Nova fans to no end. He's a 5'9 freshman, but the dude can play. He'll drive to the basket, hit runners in the lane, and hit 3-pointers from anywhere inside the half-court line. Also, beware: He can dunk. He won a high school dunk contest. He's like the modern version of Spud Webb. He hasn't dunked in a game yet, but why not in the NCAA Tourney? Also, the aforementioned Dallas Green. If by some strange circumstance, these two teams are close or even tied near the end of the game, watch out for Green. He hit the big shot in 2009, and sank 2 clutch free throws and had a key block in the final minute of this year's championship.

Ross Condon's Skullcap: I hope you understand that your team winning a game in the NCAA tournament could potentially cause a mass suicide of absurd proportions (think Cult Mass Suicide) does this fact temper your hopes of winning at all?
Colonials Corner: Sorry, but no. The Northeast Conference is a big fat 0-for in the NCAA Tournament. Teams have won in the NCAA Tournament, but only in play-in games, and those apparently don't count. A win would probably cause mass celebratory riots on campus and deserve a parade. And we do parades big in Pittsburgh.

Ross Condon's Skullcap: In four of the last five years, the team that has beaten Villanova in the NCAA tournament has won it all. If you beat us, how do you think your national championship should be best celebrated?
Colonials Corner: Well, a parade that shuts down the city will be a good start. From there, I'm sure the athletic department will try and hand Mike Rice a lifetime contract to keep off the various suitors (they'll come calling even if RMU loses by 20. 73 wins in your first 3 years as a head coach draws attention). And since it's already being joked about, Mike Rice Court at the Charles L. Sewall Center has a good ring to it. Complete with a statue of Rice flinging his jacket off and Karon Abraham in mid-flight on a 3-pointer from another zip code.

Fact: Are there any stories of Big Ben and girls at RMU?
Colonials Corner: None have popped up. But, hell, if stories can pop up in godforsaken Milledgeville, Georgia, who knows what's out there.

Thanks again to Andrew for answering my questions and it's nice for someone to take one look at my blog in all of it's mediocrity and still be willing to answer my questions/give me questions to answer.  Thanks to Ross Condon's Skullcap for his input.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its Plug Time Again

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but the Voice and I have been hired by LG and CBS College Sports Network as Campus Reps for the tournament. So do us a favor and bookmark and keep checking back throughout the tournament as we'll be posting pictures and videos of the excitement around campus as 'Nova looks to get back to the Final Four.

Also look for us around campus as we'll be collecting footage for the site. If you see us around, stop by and take a picture to show off your Villanova pride and if you're looking for a place to watch the game on Wednesday, stop by the watch party in the Bell Air Terrace. We'll be there recording the excitement as our 'Cats take on Robert Morris. I think Coke Zero will also be there, most likely doing some giveaways.

Also, become a fan of CBS College Sports Network on facebook and talk some trash on the wall with fans from other schools.

And again if you have any of your own footage or pictures from around campus send them our way:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Get a Vasectomy and Have a Built in Excuse to Watch March Madness

How about March Madness on Demand?
I've never had a view of doctors as the worst types of opportunists on earth until I saw something about this from last year.  When you see things like this you understand why Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto.  I would rather go to work than have my man parts violated just so I can watch basketball, even if i was 50 years old and didn't want to have kids anymore.  I'd rather just watch it for free online.

More Gahbage On a Monday

Do The Right Thing Mookie
In case you were buried under a rock or are just mentally retarded, Villanova's first round opponent will be the Northeast Conference (NEC) champions from Robert Morris University.  In case you don't know, Robert Morris is located in Pittsburgh and has no famous alumni to speak of outside of a couple barely recognizable athletes.  In my uneducated opinion, RMU is the bastard child of universities in Pittsburgh.  Robert Morris has just about one thing Villanova does not, a hockey team and it's not like they have a beastly world beating BCesque team.  We lucked out because a) we didn't deserve a two seed and b) we got a team that probably should have been a 16 seed. 
Here's more of what I'm thinking:
  • Our favorable seeding situation gives Scottie more than just a fighting chance to set a record.  I figure that it would take an unmitigated disaster to lose in the first round so with 50 points left to pass Kerry Kittles, it's plausible that he could do so in just two games.  I honestly don't see anyone from Robert Morris shutting him down the way that Marquette did.
  • Whyyoushouldbutconcernedbutreallyshouldntbe: Villanova's defensive efficiency is 62nd in the nation in the Pomeroy rankings.  A team ranked that low in the rankings hasn't made the final four since those rankings have been around.  I personally think that it's a statistical anomaly more than anything.
  • Syracuse got absolutely raped by the committee, but then again that may be my anti-Dook bias spewing everywhere.
  • Speaking of Dook, KenPom's computer LOVES Duke as they are just unlucky according to it's calculations.  I can't wait to see Jon Scheyer cry after they lose.
  • In the getting raped by the committee, Temple has just about the worst five versus twelve matchup I can think of.  If I were Fran Dunphy, I would be none too happy.  Cornell could have justified a ten seed.
  • God there is no better time of the than March Madness. Convince me otherwise and I'll give you a cookie. 
  • It's time for Villanova to go small at least at the beginning of the Tournament.  Seeing The 'Cats play four out would be a very welcome surprise. 
  • For some reason I hate Seth Greenberg I'm not sure why, but I love seeing him and Virginia Tech suffer.  Serves you right for scheduling little sisters of the poor as your best OOC game.
  • If I can see something, it helps the credibility of it.  So Duke, I don't believe in you making the Final Four I really tried.  I'll prey to Joe Pesci to help you.
  • I can't bring myself to pick against Villanova while I'm filling my bracket out. 
  • ESPN's documentary series 30 for 30 blows my fucking mind.  I've loved every single one except for the one about Len Bias (too preachy.)  The one this weekend may have been the best because it takes me back to the time when the NBA was actually interesting.  Reggie Miller was such a pain in the dick to Knicks fans everywhere.
  • Greg Anthony is awesome, not just because he's well spoken and played for the Knicks but because he's the rarest species of them all, a black republican.
  • Since we're playing in Providence, someone needs to reserve a ticket for Pauly D
I have a new favorite movie scene ever: Don't watch if you're easily offended.  It's so edgy.

...and i come

So i'm sorry I haven't commented on our seeding/our region's bracket yet, but I just finally finished spewing my blue goo all over my roommates 46 inch tv. The committee just rolled out the red carpet to the sweet sixteen for us even after we sucked the biggest dick possible in the second half of the season. I can't even count the number of conversations I've had with people debating if we'd be a 4 or if we'd be a 5seed, and somehow we're a two And we have THIS BRACKET!?!?!?! seriously, Baylor is the team i'm worried about!?!?!? Seriously, the bracket gods want us to fuck up duke two years in a row? WOW. as this bracket was announced i legit just kept getting more excited.
Here's my brain:

Holy shit how are we a two?

Oh nice, at least we won't lose to Robert Morris.

Wait the winner of Richmond vs St Marys?

Well i guess we get to beat Richmond in football and basketball this year.

Wait no, SMC will win that one

Eh i guess Baylor could be tough.

wait this is still the same bracket as Duke right?

That's what i thought, we get to beat that rat for the second year in a row.

I mean maybe that's a tough game.

wow guaranteed sweet sixteen is so much better than the first round exit that i originally thought was possible.


Wow our tv is covered in my splooge. I'm glad i've finally stopped ejaculating.

I should write a blog about this.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thoughts On a Saturday

Ok today has been incredibly uneventful so I thought I'd just shoot the shit and write things people won't read. 
  • That loss still stings like a bitch.  It has taught me that the double bye really sucks.  If i had to pick between the four and five seed in the Big East I would take the five seed every time. 
  • Pat Chambers' team at Boston University very nearly made tournament the by winning the. They made it close toward the end but Vermont pulled away.  Good for him.
  • I love it when a team like Houston wins their conference tournament.  Looks like Wake Forest is fucked.    
  • Please Jerry Manuel, get Jenrry Mejia out of Mets camp.. He has no business being there yet. 
  • I just hope we get to the Sweet 16 so Scottie at least gets a chance to set a record.
  • Why does the four letter word have a love affair with white unathletic centers.  Brian Zoubek and Cole Aldrich are constantly fellated.
  • Go over and visit our friends at The Nova Blog, they're the same guys who ran I Bleed Blue and White.
  • I'm starting to think that Temple is deserving of a higher seed than Villanova if they win the Atlantic 10 tournament, they did beat us after all.
  • Matt Szczur is tearing shit up on the baseball field.  Please stay another year and tear it up on the football field.
  • Villanova needs Taylor King in the NCAA tournament.  Without him, they haven't been able to space teams out and they've missed him on the boards.
  • West Virginia should be a lock for a one seed if they win the Big East Tournament.  I despise just about everything about Bob Huggins, but he is one hell of a coach.  
  • In the freakish case that Greg Monroe returns next year, Georgetown should enter next season as the favorites to win the national title.  I just think he'd be a dumbass to return.
  • I hate talking about recruiting, but please Cory Joseph come to Villanova.

Friday, March 12, 2010


What happened, seriously? Hopefully this will cause teams to underestimated us.  I know a lot of people are saying "oh, I like us better as an underdog" or "we'll be nice and rested for the NCAA tournament" all of these are simply justifications for bombing down the stretch.  What I think this team really needs is a harsh reality check and a kick in the pants from their coach.  I knew we were over rated all season but I didn't know that we were so inept defending the three.  The problem is that our offensive lineups leave us utterly screwed on defense and our defensive lineups do the opposite.  I think the best thing to do is revert back to using four guys on the perimeter which worked so well at the beginning of the season.  The guys also need to create for themselves rather than relying on Scottie to do everything because it seems they're lost when he is held in check defensively.  I just hope something is figured out before tournament time because I'd hate to see our Guys pull a New York Mets. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Procrastinating and Fact Got Me Hooked on This

Rick Pitino's Shame Isn't A Secret

Jim Boeheim has a Dirty Secret

This Literally Turns Me On

Swap Ed Reed with Scottie and swap the name Joaquin with Reggie.  Stuff like this makes me want to run through a wall.

Scottie: It's Time to Get Offended

After Scottie was unjustly stripped of an award he locked up weeks ago, I wish Scottie's head wasn't screwed on as tightly as it is and that he'd get offended for being passed up on so unjustly for Big East Player of The Year.  After Luke Harangody got injured it was his to lose and as far as I can tell he did absolutely nothing to lose it.  Enough of my taking offense to Scottie being raped as I hope Jay uses this travesty as the motivation this team this team needs to get back to playing good basketball.  We all know that we are due for one of those vintage Scottie Reynolds performances where he explodes for 30+ points and it seems that it is not possible for him to miss a shot and nothing would make me happier than for him to string two or three of them together in a Jerry McNamaraesque performance in Madison Square Garden that people will be talking about for years to come.  One can only remember when a University of Texas Quarterback got offended by being snubbed for the Heisman Trophy and proceeded to go apeshit on USC.  Well Scottie, this is your Vince Young moment so go to New York and kick some ass.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big East Coaches to Scottie Reynolds: Fuck You and your Outstanding Season

I usually don't get up in arms about an award, but to see Scottie's Big East Player of The Year Award swiped from him when he should have won it unanimously is complete and utter bullshit.  There is no player in America who is more important to his team than Scottie Reynolds and I'd be willing to fight someone to prove otherwise.  Not only was Wes Johnson surrounded by greater talent but he was not even the player most valuable to his own fucking team.  How the fuck could you justify voting for Johnson? Yes, he's a good player but his importance to his team was questionable and his wrist injury made him a good but not great player down the stretch.  Scottie was consistently great, even when other teams keyed on him.  This is just another example of the Syracuse dicksucking that has been going on all season.  The Big East should make the voting public so that the blame for this travesty can be dealt and the coach who fucked Scottie over can be publically sodomized.     

Big East Tourny

First of all I'd like to say I'm pretty pissed off at the Big East coaches for stiffing Scottie on the Big East Player of the Year Award, the rest of the awards I agree with, but no way in hell does Wes Johnson deserve POY over Scottie.

Second of all I'm a sell-out so here's a few plugs:

1. I just got an email from Madison Square Garden's College Hoops Program, asking me to give them a shout out. Their site is doing a poll on who the best fans in the BigEast are and clearly since we are the best, we should all get on there and vote for ourselves. They are also doing something where you can submit fan photos and videos for them to throw up on their site. So check it out if you have some time. The website is: and you can submit your photos and videos to this email address: just be sure to include your full name and school.

2. Posting pictures brings me to my next point. The Voice and I have been hired by CBS College Sports and LG to act as campus reps during the NCAA tournament. We'll be around campus taking pictures and videos of fans, posting them throughout the tourny and posting updates about watch parties, celebrations, etc. going on around campus. We'll be around, so do us a solid and take some pictures with us, or if you have some of your own, send them my way . I think its going to be on facebook, or on a seperate site, I'll post the link when I know for sure.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fact's Big East Postseason Awards

This Big East season wasn't exactly what people were expecting when it started but it turned out to be one of the stronger top to bottom years in the history of the league.  There were surprises in Syracuse, Pitt and Marquette and disappointments in UConn and Notre Dame.  Heading into the season, no one thought Wes Johnson would be nearly as good as he has been and it was all but a slam dunk that Luke Harangody would win Player of the Year.  Well, the regular season came and went and we found out why they play the game. 
Here we go for the awards:

All Big East Team-
Scottie Reynolds, Villanova Guard
Luke Harangody, Notre Dame Forward
Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall Guard
Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia Forward
Ashton Gibbs, Pittsburgh Guard
Greg Monroe, Georgetown Center

Player of The Year: Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
Reynolds has solidified himself as one of the best clutch players in all of college basketball as well as perhaps the best player ever to play for Villanova.  There have been times this season where Scottie has taken Villanova on his back and literally carried them to victory (Louisville game.)  Scottie's explosive scoring along with his tremendous leadership has made it a treat to watch him play the last four years. 

Coach of The Year: Buzz Williams, Marquette
I know that it's sexy to pick either Boeheim or Jamie Dixon for this award but in terms of doing the most with the least, Buzz Williams is a slam dunk.  Marquette was picked to be HORRIBLE and they've been anything but.  They could be a dark horse in the Big East tournament and for good reason as they have proven that they can compete with the top teams in the conference.  Williams has made the transition between Tom Crean and himself as smooth as can be when replacing such a good coach.

Rookie of The Year: Lance Stephenson, Cincinnati
Stephenson gets this award by default for a)not getting into trouble and b) not caving under ridiculous expectations.  Sometimes the expectations placed on a recruit/freshman is an unfair burden but Stephenson was able to score in double digits (despite his abysmal three point percentage.)

Most Improved Player: Ashton Gibbs, Pittsburgh
Gibbs went from averaging four points a game to becoming the featured player on a very good Pitt team.  Some will say that the whitey from Notre Dame deserves this, but he didn't have nearly the pressure on him as Gibbs did on most nights. 

Breakout Star: Wes Johnson, Syracuse
I had to create a special category for Johnson because he surprised everyone this year.  While he took his name out of the Player of the Year race with his inury, his achievment hasn't been blind to my eyes despite my blind hatred for Syracuse Correctional Center and miserable human beings like Jim Boeheim.  Johnson lifted his team to a whole new stratosphere and he deserves credit for doing so.

What That Game Made Me Feel Like (German Cursing Included)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can anyone explain the Big East Tourney Seeds?

Ok, so despite their loss to Louisville today, Cuse had already locked up the #1 seed in the BET. But after that, shit seems to be all up in the air. With our loss today, Villanova slides into a tie for second with WVU. If Pitt can manage to not shit all over themselves and beat Rutgers, then they will throw their names into 2nd place as well. My question is, who gets the 2 seed in either circumstance? If Pitt loses, WVU and Nova will be tied and will have an even record against each other so what is the tiebreaker there? And if Pitt wins, then what the fuck happens because Pitt is 1-0 against Nova, but 1-1 against WVU who is 1-1 against Nova? I have a strange feeling that we are going to get fucked over in this whole mess.


That is not the way to close out the season and start a strong tourney run. Refs sucked, we weren't much better. The only good thing about that game was the lack of TK in it, because we all know if he played, we would have been smoked.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Villanova-West Virginia Preview: Bob Huggins' Gunt Edition

Huggy Bear after He takes off his disguise
Villanova heads into the final week of the Big East regular season with a double bye in the Conference Tournament already locked up.  If they are able to beat West Virgina for the second time this season, they will lock up the second seed in the conference tournament which would hold off a rematch with Syracuse until the final.  So this game is big, but it's not too big.  Villanova will get two byes regardless of the outcome of this game, but this game could come a long way when deciding what seed The 'Cats will get in the NCAA Tournament, especially if they are able to run the table and win out at The Garden.  Earlier in the season, when Villanova was looking like the best team in America they went into Morgantown and beat The sisterfuckers Mountaineers.  
Here's what I think:
Villanova Wins If: They are able to come into this game with ample energy to grab some fucking rebounds.  When did this team forget how to rebound? It would also help if Taylor King remembered how to make a shot rather than standing around collecting fouls and looking like a retard.
Villanova Loses If: They come out flat and don't take this WVU team seriously enough simply because they beat them earlier in the year.  They will also lose if they forget how to play D.  Jay, I have an idea.. Abandon the trap against teams that are athletically equal to us.  
Scottie Watch: Heading into this game, Scottie Reynolds has 2,167 points.  He needs four points to pass Keith Herron for second all time and 77 to pass Kerry Kittles to become Villanova's all time leading scorer.  He also appears to have Big East player of the year locked up, unless they want to give it to Wes Johnson to further fellate Syracuse.  My question about Wes Johnson: who did he have to rape to end up at Syracuse?
In the Coming Days: Expect a Big East tourney preview and my postseason Big East awards.

Brittney Griner, Thank You For Being Awesome

I love when punches are thrown in sports from Bill Romanowski to LeGarrete Blount to Kermit Washington, I totally eat it up when somebody gets socked in the face.  So naturally when I first saw the video of Baylor Freshman Brittney Griner socking Texas Tech Sophomore Jordan Barncastle in the face I was giddy with joy and then I found out she can dunk, like really dunk.. I mean she can ACTUALLY dunk. Given her actions this week, Griner has to be far and away the coolest women's basketball player ever (no offense Scottie, but Tia can't dunk.)  I smell a celebrity boxing match between these two after their careers are over (Griner will be a force professionally, but hopefully not in that abortion of a league known as the WNBA.)  So Brittney, while the rest of the country gets on their high horse I stand firm and salute you because you have done the single most awesome thing in sports so far in 2010.

Jeremy Lin is Playing at Penn Tonight

I'm going to go see Jeremy Lin and the Harvard Crimson take on Penn at The Palestra tonight with Fact Sr.  One thing that  I make a conscious effort to do is to try to make it to at least one game at The Palestra at least once a year and this is the perfect opportunity.  Lin is an intriguing player on many levels, especially the fact that he's a good player but you cannot look past the fact that he stands out on the court.  Since they are perhaps the most under represented ethnic group in American sports (Hines Ward is half black, he doesn't count,) unconditioned eyes do a double take when they spot an Asian kid ripping it up on the court and it's good for him that he's challenging a stereotoype rather than settling for ping pong, gymnastics or short track speed skating.  He's officially my second favorite person with origins in the Asian continent who attends Harvard behind Sonia Dara.  I guess I should root for Penn, but I still want to see Jeremy Lin kick some ass.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Duke is Not a One Seed and Other Random Thoughts

I'm Scott Malkinson Austin Freeman, I have Diabetes
Nothing too significant on the Villanova front today so i'll just give some thoughts on college basketball related topics.

  • Duke does not deserve to be a one seed, especially if they don't win the ACC (which is awful this year) outright.  How their RPI is so high and has been all season absolutely baffles me as I haven't seen them do anything truly impressive all season.  The fact that a seven loss Ohio State team is also in the conversation to be a one seed is downright offensive.
  • I wonder if West Virginia will still be ranked ahead of Villanova if they're beaten by The 'Cats again.
  • I don't know what bothers me more about Joe Lunardi, the fact that he attended and is employed by St. Joe's or the fact that he's just incredibly annoying.
  • Why isn't Jeremy Hazell getting any discussion for Big East Player of The Year?  I don't think he should win, but he's arguably the best one man show in the country.
  • Doug Gottlieb looks like he'd make a fantastic accountant or personal injury lawyer.  I wonder why ESPN trusts a guy who is a convicted credit card fraud when they fired Harold Reynolds for giving an "inappropriate hug."
  • Doesn't it get a little old when you continuously hear that guys show up to MLB spring training"in the best shape of his life."
  • Julius Peppers will immediately quit when a team gives him a big paycheck.  Teams would be better off ignoring him because I don't think he'll be any good if given a long term contract with Albert Haynesworth like guaranteed money.
  • Dan LeBatard needs an increased role on ESPN, I think the four letter word should replace Jay Mariotti with LeBatard on the Around the Horn panel.  Mariotti is exactly why people hate sportswriters.
  • I wish there was a team now like the 1990 Loyola Marymount team.  Oh I forgot, there is already a team that tries to outscore teams and plays little defense, they're called Villanova.

That's it for today.. I'll be back later with more and hopefully a comprehensive Big East Tournament preview.  God, I love this time of year.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Wants To Sex Mouphtaou? A Look into The Future

As legend has it, Dikembe Mutumbo walked into a quiet Georgetown bar while he was a student and announced his presence by simply asking in his deep, gravelly voice "Who wants to Sex Mutumbo?"  That one question has become legendary on dick joke driven sports blogs in the Deadspin mold.  What does this have to do with Mouphtaou Yarou? Well, to start with they are both from Africa and that's enough to make an association in my politically incorrect mind.  The last two games, Mouph has announced his presence by scoring in double figures in both of them especially impressive given Syracuse's front line.  This is not to say that he has arrived, I still think he has a long way to go, but given the stunt in his development caused by his Hepatitis infection I think that Mouph is coming along nicely.  Hopefully he continues to develop down the stretch this season and heading into next season.  I don't think there is a single player more important to this team in the Post-Scottie era than Yarou because Antonio Pena has consistently shown that he cannot be counted on to stay on the floor and out of foul trouble.  He represents something that Villanova has not had in a long time, a fundamentally sound big man who can be counted on to score, block shots and rebound.  So next year if you're asked to sex Mouphtaou; your answer better be yes.         

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Villanova-Cincinnati Preview: The Sky Is Falling Edition

Villanova will get an opportunity to win a road game tonight against Cincinnati after dropping two straight Big East games away from home.  We'll see if The 'Cats remember how to rebound or if they're able to send a team to the free throw line less than 30 times.  The season is winding down so there is little time to fix the problems that Villanova has on the defensive side of the ball.  Hopefully, down the stretch we will see rapid development from the freshmen (especially Mouph) to the point where we can rely on them more when morons like Antonio Pena pick up too many fouls.  Unfortunately, the best way for Villanova to win this year is for Scottie Reynolds to take the team on his back and score 25 points a game for the rest of the way without a ton of help from others.
Here's my rundown:

Villanova Wins If: Scottie has a big game.  There is no player in the Big East as valuable to his team as Scottie Reynolds and you can be assured that he'll be big down this stretch through the NCAA Tournament.  The 'Cats must also get some damn rebounds and keep The Bearcats off the freethrow line.
Villanova Loses If: They play like they did against Syracuse
Scottie Watch: Scottie has 2,150 points for his career which means he needs 94 to pass Kerry Kittles and only 21 to pass Keith Herron for second all time.