Friday, March 19, 2010

Based On Thursday's Results.. We Did Alright

Well, after watching the other three Big East team's that played on thursday lose, I feel slightly better about the egg Villanova almost laid against Robert Morris.  Either Ohio wasn't a 14 seed or Georgetown was over rated based on wins against Villanova and Duke (both also over rated.)  It makes me feel really good that teams that accounted for two of Villanova's losses were upset thursday (not really.)  Marquette was an enigmatic team, they could look awesome or lose to the king of the mediocre (aka the PAC 10 champion) unfortunately they did the latter tonight.  Notre Dame just looked pitiful toward the end and it's unfortunate that such a great player like Luke Harangody has to graduate without his team achieving some sort of success in the NCAA Tournament and he was powerless to help against Old Dominion.  So I guess we can be glad that we're not first round casualties as we would have been in the Lappas era.

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  1. Here is the critical part of the game in which the refs put on Villanova uniforms:

    With 4 minutes to play Robert Morris was up by 8, then:

    3:57 -- Reggie Redding hits 2 free throws (as refs foul out Robert Morris starter in just 25 minutes of play)
    3:06 -- Scottie Reynolds hits 2 free throws (as refs foul out top Robert Morris reserve in just 14 minutes of play)
    2:10 -- Scottie Reynolds hits 2 free throws
    1:48 -- Scottie Reynolds hits 2 free throws
    1:23 -- Scottie Reynolds hits 1 of 2 free throws

    Note that Robert Morris had the lead during this entire sequence and Scottie Reynolds was 1-13 from the field the entire time he was getting bailed out by the refs on every drive. All 9 of Villanova's "comeback" points were scored from the free throw line. During this sequence the refs gave RM's players a choice: either give Reynolds a clear path to the hoop or get called for a foul.

    You watched the game, so you know the refs handed the game to Villanova during this critical stretch. Villanova scored 11 points over the last 4 minutes of the game and 9 of those points came from the CHARITY stripe.

    If Jon Scheyer had been awarded 4 dubious trips to the free throw line on four consecutive possessions down the stretch to allow Duke to stave off an NCAA upset bid, that outrage would currently be the top story on NBC Nightly News.