Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines- A Chat With Colonials Corner

Earlier in the week I reached out to Andrew, the head man at Colonials Corner to see if he wanted to do a little Q&A and he happily obliged.  It was nice to get his perspective and hopefully stuff like this will be more common as I attempt to bring this shitty blog up to snuff with competitors like those assholes at The Nova Blog (jaykay.)  Anyways my answers to his questions questions are here.

Fact: If you were Jay Wright, how would you game plan against Robert Morris?
Colonials Corner: If I'm Jay Wright, I'm going to do two things. First, I'm going to double down as often as possible on forward Rob Robinson. Quinnipiac did it in the Northeast Conference championship game and held him to 3 points. If Robinson isn't in the flow of the game, RMU essentially has no inside offensive presence. Second, I'm going to harass Karon Abraham all night. Deny him the ball, use his short stature (5'9, 150) and have my hands up in his face to take away shooting lanes. Take away Abraham and Robinson, and you're in great shape.

Fact: I’m used to being a fan of a school where if you miss the NCAA tournament, it’s an unmitigated failure. What is it like to make the NCAA tournament when you know the chance of going as an at large if you lose your conference tournament is next to none?
Colonials Corner: It makes the regular season that much more gut-wrenching. Gray hairs sprout faster, livers are shot from the drinking, sleep becomes nothing more than a myth. Robert Morris has won the last two conference titles and been in the dance the past two years. Prior to that, they had not been in the dance since 1992. No major program could go that long without a significant overhaul.

Fact: I admittedly know very little about Robert Morris aside from the fact that they have a hockey team and play non scholarship FCS football. Who is generally considered to be your biggest rival?
Colonials Corner: Mount St. Mary's, without a doubt, is the spawn of Satan in the eyes of anyone associated with Robert Morris. Both teams play a similar style - high intensity defense, very quick guard play, athletic forwards, and extremely physical - and it's lead to very intense moments. Think of it as a mini-version of Pitt and West Virginia. Oh, and there have been heroics: You can check out the last five minutes of the 2009 championship game, including Dallas Green's winning shot, on YouTube:

Fact: What Names should Villanova fans know before this game? Who could become Robert Morris’ Bryce Drew?
Colonials Corner: Karon Abraham will frustrate 'Nova fans to no end. He's a 5'9 freshman, but the dude can play. He'll drive to the basket, hit runners in the lane, and hit 3-pointers from anywhere inside the half-court line. Also, beware: He can dunk. He won a high school dunk contest. He's like the modern version of Spud Webb. He hasn't dunked in a game yet, but why not in the NCAA Tourney? Also, the aforementioned Dallas Green. If by some strange circumstance, these two teams are close or even tied near the end of the game, watch out for Green. He hit the big shot in 2009, and sank 2 clutch free throws and had a key block in the final minute of this year's championship.

Ross Condon's Skullcap: I hope you understand that your team winning a game in the NCAA tournament could potentially cause a mass suicide of absurd proportions (think Cult Mass Suicide) does this fact temper your hopes of winning at all?
Colonials Corner: Sorry, but no. The Northeast Conference is a big fat 0-for in the NCAA Tournament. Teams have won in the NCAA Tournament, but only in play-in games, and those apparently don't count. A win would probably cause mass celebratory riots on campus and deserve a parade. And we do parades big in Pittsburgh.

Ross Condon's Skullcap: In four of the last five years, the team that has beaten Villanova in the NCAA tournament has won it all. If you beat us, how do you think your national championship should be best celebrated?
Colonials Corner: Well, a parade that shuts down the city will be a good start. From there, I'm sure the athletic department will try and hand Mike Rice a lifetime contract to keep off the various suitors (they'll come calling even if RMU loses by 20. 73 wins in your first 3 years as a head coach draws attention). And since it's already being joked about, Mike Rice Court at the Charles L. Sewall Center has a good ring to it. Complete with a statue of Rice flinging his jacket off and Karon Abraham in mid-flight on a 3-pointer from another zip code.

Fact: Are there any stories of Big Ben and girls at RMU?
Colonials Corner: None have popped up. But, hell, if stories can pop up in godforsaken Milledgeville, Georgia, who knows what's out there.

Thanks again to Andrew for answering my questions and it's nice for someone to take one look at my blog in all of it's mediocrity and still be willing to answer my questions/give me questions to answer.  Thanks to Ross Condon's Skullcap for his input.

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  1. This is an excellent interview Fact. Much, much better than anything I've ready in the rags about Robert Morris. I know what to expect tomorrow afternoon. Go CATS!