Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big East Coaches to Scottie Reynolds: Fuck You and your Outstanding Season

I usually don't get up in arms about an award, but to see Scottie's Big East Player of The Year Award swiped from him when he should have won it unanimously is complete and utter bullshit.  There is no player in America who is more important to his team than Scottie Reynolds and I'd be willing to fight someone to prove otherwise.  Not only was Wes Johnson surrounded by greater talent but he was not even the player most valuable to his own fucking team.  How the fuck could you justify voting for Johnson? Yes, he's a good player but his importance to his team was questionable and his wrist injury made him a good but not great player down the stretch.  Scottie was consistently great, even when other teams keyed on him.  This is just another example of the Syracuse dicksucking that has been going on all season.  The Big East should make the voting public so that the blame for this travesty can be dealt and the coach who fucked Scottie over can be publically sodomized.     

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