Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big East Tourny

First of all I'd like to say I'm pretty pissed off at the Big East coaches for stiffing Scottie on the Big East Player of the Year Award, the rest of the awards I agree with, but no way in hell does Wes Johnson deserve POY over Scottie.

Second of all I'm a sell-out so here's a few plugs:

1. I just got an email from Madison Square Garden's College Hoops Program, asking me to give them a shout out. Their site is doing a poll on who the best fans in the BigEast are and clearly since we are the best, we should all get on there and vote for ourselves. They are also doing something where you can submit fan photos and videos for them to throw up on their site. So check it out if you have some time. The website is: www.msg.com/collegehoops/ and you can submit your photos and videos to this email address: collegehoops@thegarden.com just be sure to include your full name and school.

2. Posting pictures brings me to my next point. The Voice and I have been hired by CBS College Sports and LG to act as campus reps during the NCAA tournament. We'll be around campus taking pictures and videos of fans, posting them throughout the tourny and posting updates about watch parties, celebrations, etc. going on around campus. We'll be around, so do us a solid and take some pictures with us, or if you have some of your own, send them my way villanovablueman@gmail.com . I think its going to be on facebook, or on a seperate site, I'll post the link when I know for sure.

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