Friday, March 5, 2010

Brittney Griner, Thank You For Being Awesome

I love when punches are thrown in sports from Bill Romanowski to LeGarrete Blount to Kermit Washington, I totally eat it up when somebody gets socked in the face.  So naturally when I first saw the video of Baylor Freshman Brittney Griner socking Texas Tech Sophomore Jordan Barncastle in the face I was giddy with joy and then I found out she can dunk, like really dunk.. I mean she can ACTUALLY dunk. Given her actions this week, Griner has to be far and away the coolest women's basketball player ever (no offense Scottie, but Tia can't dunk.)  I smell a celebrity boxing match between these two after their careers are over (Griner will be a force professionally, but hopefully not in that abortion of a league known as the WNBA.)  So Brittney, while the rest of the country gets on their high horse I stand firm and salute you because you have done the single most awesome thing in sports so far in 2010.

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