Thursday, March 4, 2010

Duke is Not a One Seed and Other Random Thoughts

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Nothing too significant on the Villanova front today so i'll just give some thoughts on college basketball related topics.

  • Duke does not deserve to be a one seed, especially if they don't win the ACC (which is awful this year) outright.  How their RPI is so high and has been all season absolutely baffles me as I haven't seen them do anything truly impressive all season.  The fact that a seven loss Ohio State team is also in the conversation to be a one seed is downright offensive.
  • I wonder if West Virginia will still be ranked ahead of Villanova if they're beaten by The 'Cats again.
  • I don't know what bothers me more about Joe Lunardi, the fact that he attended and is employed by St. Joe's or the fact that he's just incredibly annoying.
  • Why isn't Jeremy Hazell getting any discussion for Big East Player of The Year?  I don't think he should win, but he's arguably the best one man show in the country.
  • Doug Gottlieb looks like he'd make a fantastic accountant or personal injury lawyer.  I wonder why ESPN trusts a guy who is a convicted credit card fraud when they fired Harold Reynolds for giving an "inappropriate hug."
  • Doesn't it get a little old when you continuously hear that guys show up to MLB spring training"in the best shape of his life."
  • Julius Peppers will immediately quit when a team gives him a big paycheck.  Teams would be better off ignoring him because I don't think he'll be any good if given a long term contract with Albert Haynesworth like guaranteed money.
  • Dan LeBatard needs an increased role on ESPN, I think the four letter word should replace Jay Mariotti with LeBatard on the Around the Horn panel.  Mariotti is exactly why people hate sportswriters.
  • I wish there was a team now like the 1990 Loyola Marymount team.  Oh I forgot, there is already a team that tries to outscore teams and plays little defense, they're called Villanova.

That's it for today.. I'll be back later with more and hopefully a comprehensive Big East Tournament preview.  God, I love this time of year.

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