Friday, March 5, 2010

Jeremy Lin is Playing at Penn Tonight

I'm going to go see Jeremy Lin and the Harvard Crimson take on Penn at The Palestra tonight with Fact Sr.  One thing that  I make a conscious effort to do is to try to make it to at least one game at The Palestra at least once a year and this is the perfect opportunity.  Lin is an intriguing player on many levels, especially the fact that he's a good player but you cannot look past the fact that he stands out on the court.  Since they are perhaps the most under represented ethnic group in American sports (Hines Ward is half black, he doesn't count,) unconditioned eyes do a double take when they spot an Asian kid ripping it up on the court and it's good for him that he's challenging a stereotoype rather than settling for ping pong, gymnastics or short track speed skating.  He's officially my second favorite person with origins in the Asian continent who attends Harvard behind Sonia Dara.  I guess I should root for Penn, but I still want to see Jeremy Lin kick some ass.

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