Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking Ahead: St. Mary's

Oi Oi Oi

Now that it's the day after, it's time to wash the shitty taste of that game out of my mouth.  Villanova won, no matter how much Doug Gottlieb and Mike Greenberg wanted to bitch about it this morning like they were a couple of Rabbis in a sauna.  That game is behind us now, what we have to look forward to is a game against St. Mary'sThe Gaels are loaded with players from Australia and have one thing that the one thing Villanova struggles against most: size.  Unfortunately, St. Mary's must not be a real school because there is no blogger that I can launch inane questions at like I did with Robert Morris.  All kidding aside, The 'Cats must turn the nightmare of the RMU game into a positive when they play on Saturday.  If they are unable to pull out of the recent funk they're in, they could be in for a long day against St. Mary's.
Alright here are my thoughts on the game:

Villanova Wins If: They are able to find the balance between interior and perimeter defense.  St. Mary's center Omar Samhan averages 24 points and 12 rebounds a game, If Villanova let's him dominate the glass it will be a long night.  Interior scoring is not the only facet of St. Mary's game. Matt Dellavedova and Mickey McConnell can both stroke it from the perimeter.  It all will start with how Mouph handles Samhan though.  If they are able to deny him opportunities, Villanova has a very good chance to win this game. 
Villanova Loses If: They're lit up from outside, foul too much and are crushed on the defensive glass.  If Scottie shoots like he did against Robert Morris, we're fucked.
Scottie Watch: Scottie Reynolds now needs only 30 points to pass Kerry Kittles.  Judging by the law of averages, it will take a win against St. Mary's to make that happen.

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