Monday, March 15, 2010

More Gahbage On a Monday

Do The Right Thing Mookie
In case you were buried under a rock or are just mentally retarded, Villanova's first round opponent will be the Northeast Conference (NEC) champions from Robert Morris University.  In case you don't know, Robert Morris is located in Pittsburgh and has no famous alumni to speak of outside of a couple barely recognizable athletes.  In my uneducated opinion, RMU is the bastard child of universities in Pittsburgh.  Robert Morris has just about one thing Villanova does not, a hockey team and it's not like they have a beastly world beating BCesque team.  We lucked out because a) we didn't deserve a two seed and b) we got a team that probably should have been a 16 seed. 
Here's more of what I'm thinking:
  • Our favorable seeding situation gives Scottie more than just a fighting chance to set a record.  I figure that it would take an unmitigated disaster to lose in the first round so with 50 points left to pass Kerry Kittles, it's plausible that he could do so in just two games.  I honestly don't see anyone from Robert Morris shutting him down the way that Marquette did.
  • Whyyoushouldbutconcernedbutreallyshouldntbe: Villanova's defensive efficiency is 62nd in the nation in the Pomeroy rankings.  A team ranked that low in the rankings hasn't made the final four since those rankings have been around.  I personally think that it's a statistical anomaly more than anything.
  • Syracuse got absolutely raped by the committee, but then again that may be my anti-Dook bias spewing everywhere.
  • Speaking of Dook, KenPom's computer LOVES Duke as they are just unlucky according to it's calculations.  I can't wait to see Jon Scheyer cry after they lose.
  • In the getting raped by the committee, Temple has just about the worst five versus twelve matchup I can think of.  If I were Fran Dunphy, I would be none too happy.  Cornell could have justified a ten seed.
  • God there is no better time of the than March Madness. Convince me otherwise and I'll give you a cookie. 
  • It's time for Villanova to go small at least at the beginning of the Tournament.  Seeing The 'Cats play four out would be a very welcome surprise. 
  • For some reason I hate Seth Greenberg I'm not sure why, but I love seeing him and Virginia Tech suffer.  Serves you right for scheduling little sisters of the poor as your best OOC game.
  • If I can see something, it helps the credibility of it.  So Duke, I don't believe in you making the Final Four I really tried.  I'll prey to Joe Pesci to help you.
  • I can't bring myself to pick against Villanova while I'm filling my bracket out. 
  • ESPN's documentary series 30 for 30 blows my fucking mind.  I've loved every single one except for the one about Len Bias (too preachy.)  The one this weekend may have been the best because it takes me back to the time when the NBA was actually interesting.  Reggie Miller was such a pain in the dick to Knicks fans everywhere.
  • Greg Anthony is awesome, not just because he's well spoken and played for the Knicks but because he's the rarest species of them all, a black republican.
  • Since we're playing in Providence, someone needs to reserve a ticket for Pauly D
I have a new favorite movie scene ever: Don't watch if you're easily offended.  It's so edgy.

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