Friday, March 12, 2010


What happened, seriously? Hopefully this will cause teams to underestimated us.  I know a lot of people are saying "oh, I like us better as an underdog" or "we'll be nice and rested for the NCAA tournament" all of these are simply justifications for bombing down the stretch.  What I think this team really needs is a harsh reality check and a kick in the pants from their coach.  I knew we were over rated all season but I didn't know that we were so inept defending the three.  The problem is that our offensive lineups leave us utterly screwed on defense and our defensive lineups do the opposite.  I think the best thing to do is revert back to using four guys on the perimeter which worked so well at the beginning of the season.  The guys also need to create for themselves rather than relying on Scottie to do everything because it seems they're lost when he is held in check defensively.  I just hope something is figured out before tournament time because I'd hate to see our Guys pull a New York Mets. 

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