Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thoughts and Links- Villanova NCAA Tournament Edition

Despite the fact that Villanova has been subpar the last 7 games, pundits at the four letter word seem to really like our chances of making the Final Four.  Frankly, I don't know whether to be thrilled or scared.  Very rarely do you see Dick Vitale pic against Dook and he did exactly that when I saw him on TV the other day.  It seems weird how quickly these talking heads can forget how pitifully we finished the season.  Oh well, I'll take any positive press we can get as it only further bolsters the profile of the program and makes Villanova even more attractive to potential recruits. 
Here's What I'm thinking/what others are saying:

  • The NCAA Tournament Committee should make up its mind on what it wants the criteria to be for selection and stick to it.  The fact that there are obviously sentimental matchups like Cornell-Temple is ridiculous.  Also, what is the criteria for teams to play in the play-in game rather than being an automatic 16 seed.
  • Talking about "The Eye Test" is stupid.  Villanova has never passed the eye test yet has been one of the ten best programs in the nation for the last six years. 
  • I think it is very plausible that there could be three Big East teams in the Final Four.  If one of those teams is Villanova, then I like our chances (insert not so subtle 1985 reference here.)
  • After my correspondence with Colonials Corner, I don't want to beat Robert Morris by as many points as i did earlier in the week.  I still do want to kick their asses though. 
  • It's awesome that Scottie is getting the attention he deserves.  The reason Scottie Reynolds is a better player than Kerry Kittles is not only quantified by his six wins in the NCAA Tournament (Compared to one by Kittles,) but also by the fact that he wants the ball in his hand to end a game. 
  • Reggie Redding may have made a stupid choice but he did his time and enters the tournament as perhaps the most important player on Villanova's team on the defensive end.
  • Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News gives five reasons for the slide in the end of the season.   
  • Dick "Hoops" Weiss of the New York Daily News and owner of perhaps the worst toupee on earth writes on Villanova's expectations.
  • In perhaps my least favorite publicity stunt ever, Baracketology is out again.  One redeeming quality: Barry has Villanova in the Final Four.  Are the president's people really trying to pass him off as the only president who has ever been a sports fan?
  • Mike Rice, the Head Coach at Robert Morris lived in the same neigbhborhood as Jay Wright when Rice was an assistant at St. Joe's
  • Bobby Gonzalez was canned by Seton Hall Today.  I'm not going to act like I'm surprised.
  • Jeff Goodman on his twitter says that he talked to Taylor King and was told that he'll play in the NCAA Tourney.  As far as I'm concerned, he'll have to earn it. 
That's all for now, I have a test today and then i'm going to hopefully drink until I die. 

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