Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thoughts On a Saturday

Ok today has been incredibly uneventful so I thought I'd just shoot the shit and write things people won't read. 
  • That loss still stings like a bitch.  It has taught me that the double bye really sucks.  If i had to pick between the four and five seed in the Big East I would take the five seed every time. 
  • Pat Chambers' team at Boston University very nearly made tournament the by winning the. They made it close toward the end but Vermont pulled away.  Good for him.
  • I love it when a team like Houston wins their conference tournament.  Looks like Wake Forest is fucked.    
  • Please Jerry Manuel, get Jenrry Mejia out of Mets camp.. He has no business being there yet. 
  • I just hope we get to the Sweet 16 so Scottie at least gets a chance to set a record.
  • Why does the four letter word have a love affair with white unathletic centers.  Brian Zoubek and Cole Aldrich are constantly fellated.
  • Go over and visit our friends at The Nova Blog, they're the same guys who ran I Bleed Blue and White.
  • I'm starting to think that Temple is deserving of a higher seed than Villanova if they win the Atlantic 10 tournament, they did beat us after all.
  • Matt Szczur is tearing shit up on the baseball field.  Please stay another year and tear it up on the football field.
  • Villanova needs Taylor King in the NCAA tournament.  Without him, they haven't been able to space teams out and they've missed him on the boards.
  • West Virginia should be a lock for a one seed if they win the Big East Tournament.  I despise just about everything about Bob Huggins, but he is one hell of a coach.  
  • In the freakish case that Greg Monroe returns next year, Georgetown should enter next season as the favorites to win the national title.  I just think he'd be a dumbass to return.
  • I hate talking about recruiting, but please Cory Joseph come to Villanova.

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