Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Villanova-Cincinnati Preview: The Sky Is Falling Edition

Villanova will get an opportunity to win a road game tonight against Cincinnati after dropping two straight Big East games away from home.  We'll see if The 'Cats remember how to rebound or if they're able to send a team to the free throw line less than 30 times.  The season is winding down so there is little time to fix the problems that Villanova has on the defensive side of the ball.  Hopefully, down the stretch we will see rapid development from the freshmen (especially Mouph) to the point where we can rely on them more when morons like Antonio Pena pick up too many fouls.  Unfortunately, the best way for Villanova to win this year is for Scottie Reynolds to take the team on his back and score 25 points a game for the rest of the way without a ton of help from others.
Here's my rundown:

Villanova Wins If: Scottie has a big game.  There is no player in the Big East as valuable to his team as Scottie Reynolds and you can be assured that he'll be big down this stretch through the NCAA Tournament.  The 'Cats must also get some damn rebounds and keep The Bearcats off the freethrow line.
Villanova Loses If: They play like they did against Syracuse
Scottie Watch: Scottie has 2,150 points for his career which means he needs 94 to pass Kerry Kittles and only 21 to pass Keith Herron for second all time.

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