Sunday, March 21, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup Starts Tomorrow

I did a player by player season preview at the beginning of the season detailing my expectations for the team.  Right off the bat, I thought Isaiah Armwood was going to redshirt (if Mouph hadn't been sick he probably would have.)  I also underestimated Maurice Sutton a little bit, so I apologize to you Maurice.  What we saw was a tale of two seasons, from the incredible highs of the first half to the shitty lows of the second half.  Starting tomorrow I'll do my thoughts of each player's season the highs, lows and the significant moments of the season and how they applied to certain players.  I might lump players together (walkons) and with the younger guys I'll do a prospectus on what I expect for them in 2010-2011 

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