Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Reggie Redding

Reggie Scrapping
Reggie Redding has been the prototypical "glue guy" for the past four seasons at Villanova.  His true impact on the Villanova team may never be known because he never put up big offensive numbers.  What is known though is that Reggie has been Villanova's most consistent perimeter defender the past four years and that he gradually improved on offense every year, becoming more and more comfortable with the jump shot that he flashed at Hoops Mania his freshman season (a performance that was generally forgotten amongst this.)  Because of Jay Wright's unconventional approach, Reggie was often forced to play against guys who were four inches taller and over 50 pounds heavier but he never complained that he didn't light up the score sheet on a daily basis.  Michael Lewis, author of The Blind Side once wrote an article on why Shane Battier was the MVP of the NBA despite his pedestrian stats.  Lewis' rationale was not based on Battier's presence on the scoresheet but his ability to affect a game and allow The Rockets to win.  Michael Lewis' evaluation of Battier is perhaps the best way to quantify Redding: a player who isn't flashy but will dive for balls, take charges, play relentless defense, occasionally score points but most importantly do whatever his team needs him to do in order to win.  It's unfortunate that Reggie had to do his best Afroman impersonation last summer because it was apparent that he was never completely comfortable in his role this season for one reason or another.  Reggie's career high scoring average was this season at 7.3 per clip and his career average was only 5.5 per, but I have little doubt in my mind that Reggie is the greatest player in Villanova history who averaged only a nickel per game. 

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  1. I know Jay Wright is prone to hyperbole, and I am also prone to disagreeing with him, but at Senior Night he called Reggie the "smartest player in the history of the program". No disagreement here. People who hate on Reggie for the long pass in the Pitt game are without question neanderthals. Throwing that pass was better than a 5 second call, and when there is no inbounds play to speak of something needs to happen. I will say that as a 62% foul shooter he should have taken the guaranteed 2 against Robert Morris, but 99% of the time you'd much rather take 5 or 6 more seconds off the clock and still have a chance at some points. I know so many people who have nothing good to say about Reggie but he's been the team MVP ever since his sophomore year. My only regret is that he never asserted himself in games on the offensive end, because apparently he has been possibly the best player in practice for 4 years. Not the hardest worker or most attentive to Jay, the BEST PLAYER.