Saturday, March 27, 2010

Villanova Player By Player Season Wrapup: Corey Stokes

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Corey Stokes came to Villanova with the reputation as a pure jump shooter.  Since then he has added other labels to his resume including public urinator competent rebounder and defender.  Stokes will always be known as a shooter first, which isn't necessarily a bad label considering the object of basketball is to score more points than the other team.  One problem with Stokes' game is that he can be woefully inconsistent.  On some nights he looks like he can't miss (Marquette game in the Big East Tournament,) but others he just looks off.  The problem that arises when Stokes' jumpshot is off is that the rest of game falls off a cliff and he becomes nothing short of ineffective.  Next season, if Stokes continues to work on his game off the bounce and becomes more consistent overall, he could be a very dangerous weapon who could light up the scoreboard.  I'll conservatively say that he'll average 13 points a game next year. 

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