Sunday, March 28, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Taylor King

Taylor King started his Villanova career after transfering from Dook on such a tear that it left some to wonder if he was even capable of missing a shot. All of that changed though and based on this quote of mine from after the Drexel game you can tell what I thought about T-King at the beginning of the season:
Taylor King continued to provide instant offense off the bench as he had 16 points (on four of six from three point range) and five rebounds.
Things changed though and by the second West Virginia game I was saying this:
Villanova Wins If: They are able to come into this game with ample energy to grab some fucking rebounds. When did this team forget how to rebound? It would also help if Taylor King remembered how to make a shot rather than standing around collecting fouls and looking like a retard.
So as you can see, either King just bombed out or I was delusionally using him as a scapegoat.  I don't think that my attitude about him was wrong because it was pretty much unanimous amongst other Nova fans.  Whatever the reason for his decline down the stretch all we can do is hope that next season he can build on the positves about this season and regain his offensive form.  Villanova needs Taylor King to perform if only for contrast purposes.

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