Friday, March 5, 2010

Villanova-West Virginia Preview: Bob Huggins' Gunt Edition

Huggy Bear after He takes off his disguise
Villanova heads into the final week of the Big East regular season with a double bye in the Conference Tournament already locked up.  If they are able to beat West Virgina for the second time this season, they will lock up the second seed in the conference tournament which would hold off a rematch with Syracuse until the final.  So this game is big, but it's not too big.  Villanova will get two byes regardless of the outcome of this game, but this game could come a long way when deciding what seed The 'Cats will get in the NCAA Tournament, especially if they are able to run the table and win out at The Garden.  Earlier in the season, when Villanova was looking like the best team in America they went into Morgantown and beat The sisterfuckers Mountaineers.  
Here's what I think:
Villanova Wins If: They are able to come into this game with ample energy to grab some fucking rebounds.  When did this team forget how to rebound? It would also help if Taylor King remembered how to make a shot rather than standing around collecting fouls and looking like a retard.
Villanova Loses If: They come out flat and don't take this WVU team seriously enough simply because they beat them earlier in the year.  They will also lose if they forget how to play D.  Jay, I have an idea.. Abandon the trap against teams that are athletically equal to us.  
Scottie Watch: Heading into this game, Scottie Reynolds has 2,167 points.  He needs four points to pass Keith Herron for second all time and 77 to pass Kerry Kittles to become Villanova's all time leading scorer.  He also appears to have Big East player of the year locked up, unless they want to give it to Wes Johnson to further fellate Syracuse.  My question about Wes Johnson: who did he have to rape to end up at Syracuse?
In the Coming Days: Expect a Big East tourney preview and my postseason Big East awards.

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