Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Villanovan is a Steaming Pile of Shit

There are many reasons to hate The Villanovan besides the fact that it is a second rate weekly student newspaper.  The opinions suck, the sports coverage sucks, the entertainment coverage is woefully inadequate and most of all they are never critical enough of the way Villanova operates as a university except their incessant and annoying calls for greater diversity.  From it's veiled character assassination of comedian Steve Trevino three years ago to it's woefully inadequate sports coverage, I've always felt that a copy of the Villanovan is best used as free toilet paper.  With all of that in mind, it was no surprise to me when I went on the paper's website to find the shitty negative tone best suited for the New York PostIf The Villanovan was a daily paper, negativity would be understandable, but the fact that they are trying to be controversial nearly a week after Villanova lost to St. Mary's is absolutely ridiculous and furthers my negative opinion of them.  My negativity toward the team wore off about six hours after they lost because I had known since about february that this team would not do well as long as Scottie was the only offensive threat of which to speak.  Here's a thought, get someone to write about sports who knows the difference between a Final Four caliber team like the Villanova team in 2009 year and a team that is overseeded like 2010 Wildcats.


  1. Good thoughts. Can we get a link to the articles in question though?

    There is a lot of negativity in Nova Nation in general about this season. From a fan perspective that is understandable, but the media (even student-media) has to hold itself to a higher standard. Look at the season for what it was. We need to get off the ledge.

    Kansas didn't make it to the Sweet 16 either.