Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Can Be Said That Hasn't Been Said Already?

I have never seen the fortunes of a Villanova team change so rapidly for no apparent reason.  We went from a team that was up and down the floor launching (and making) threes with gusto.  It all ended with a team that was beaten down emotionally and physically and an all time great who seemed to be either injured or exhausted from carrying his team all season.  Youth, lack of leadership and poor coaching all played a part but in the end we as Nova fans must embrace the fact that maybe the 2009-2010 edition of The Wildcats were simply fluffed up and way overhyped from the beginning of the season.  Nothing this entire season suggested that this team was as good as its ranking and the utter ineptness in seemingly all facets of the game demonstrated how much this team missed Dwayne Anderson, Dante Cunningham and even Shane Clark.  At this point, we shouldn't look back and wonder what could have been because this team shouldn't have been expected to make the Final Four this season like so many predicted.  Just be happy despite the foul stench of Lappas that this team emitted this year because we have a classy coach who is running a first class program with a plethora of young talent coming back for next year along with a nationally ranked recruiting class that may not be finished (Cory Joseph.

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  1. Solid reply post-- tough when so many (myself included-- although mine was on the tame side) commented on your initial post. You'll be back. -MSU Spartan Fan.