Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I Learned From Villanova-Robert Morris

Wow, that game was an absolute mindfuck.  You go from the questionable decision to sit Scottie and Fish at the start of the game to Villanova getting some very friendly (yet technically correct) officiating.  If a player has done something bad enough to keep them out of the starting lineup you should either sit them for an entire half or keep them out of the game entirely.  It was obvious that we weren't seeing the real Scottie Reynolds for the majority of the game.  Oh well, all we should focus on now is Richmond/St. Mary's and hopefully we can put that abortion of a game behind us. 
Here's what I learned:
  • Scottie is a better player than Kerry Kittles because of games like today.  Kittles wouldn't have drained all those free throws nor would he have the guile to launch a three pointer in overtime when his shot was off all game.
  • We need to figure out a way to finish teams.  When we were up in overtime, we keep giving Robert Morris an opportunity to come back into the game.
  • Big kudos to the kids from RMU, they played nearly well enough to win that game.
  • The officials were helpful for us, although they didn't make any calls that were out of line.  A looser officiated game would have resulted in a Villanova loss.
  • Corey Fisher: make your free throws.
  • Mouph was an absolute monster today.  As he matures, he has the chance to be an incredible player.  I just hope that Verne Lundquist learns to pronounce his name correctly. 
  • That little dude from Robert Morris is going to be a star.  I just hope I never have to see him play against Villanova again.   
  • Onions!
  • Geez, it kinda sucks to be the big bad wolf, everyone in that building was cheering against us.
  • Scottie Watch: With 20 points today, Scottie became just the second player in school history to surpass 2,000 points.  With 2,214 career points he now needs 30 to pass Kerry Kittles. 

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