Friday, March 19, 2010

What If: Scottie got Hurt During the Rutgers Game?

Joined at The Hip
One prevailing (and frustrating) theme of this season has been the rest of the team's reliance on Scottie Reynolds to create, forcing him to either jack up shitty shots or for other teams to key on him to the point where he is a non factor in games, knowing that if they limited him, the rest of the Villanova team would be helpless to do anything. 
Because of the team's over reliance on Scottie, I want to pose a hypothetical situation: would this season be different if Scottie got hurt during the Rutgers game and was forced to miss the next two or three games? I think the answer is absolutely unequivocally yes.  At the max, that would have taken Scottie out of the St. John's, Notre Dame and Seton Hall games only to be back in time to play at Georgetown.  I think that it can generally be agreed on that the game against Georgetown was when teams started to figure us out. Had Scottie missed games leading up to that one, they would have had a trial by fire without the benefit of their best player and undisputed leader which would have been the best "teaching moment" this team could have had. Jay's stunt before the Robert Morris game only proved a point to other teams that this Villanova team is utterly unprepared to play against anyone without their security blanket lighting up the score board.  

This is in no way an indictment of Scottie who is one of my all time favorite players, but an indictment of Jay's handling of the rest of the team who are shellshocked without him.

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