Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yahoo Drone Chris Chase Can Go Suck a Dick

Today on Yahoo, Chris Chase who is one of their drones writers decided to fan the flames on a fire created by retards who have nothing better to do than cry foul.  The officiating of the game wasn't very good, but as for the game being fixed, bullshit.  Did Villanova benefit from the officiating? There is no question in my mind that they did, but was the game Maliciously fixed? Absolutely not.  If the refs wanted to fix the game in Villanova's favor they would have called a technical foul on Mike Rice for one of his multiple outbursts where a technical could have been (and probably should have been) handed out.  His article even tries to further prejudice the readership by referring to Robert Morris as "tiny" a simple tactic for someone trying to project a bias onto his readership.  What he neglects to tell you though is that in terms of undergraduate enrollment, Villanova isn't much larger than RMU.  This is the typical story by the mainstream media trumpeting the virtues of the little guy from the NEC while simultaneously dumping on the team from the Big East.  Can't the team with the big budget be celebrated for it's virtues while doing it in a dignified manner?


  1. Chris Chase is a piece of shit who wrote two articles today, both of which bashed Villanova. Not only did Mike Rice deserve a T but that tall goon on RMU deserved a T for screaming and cursing at the refs.. And to sum it up fact you are correct, Chris Chase should probably kill himself.

    1. Or perhaps somebody should kill him! Find some thug like people (like the Crips) and put a contract on his worthless spine! And fuck USA Today! That pile of shit just gets worse and worse!