Thursday, April 29, 2010

Villanova Players By The Number: 1 is For Scottie Reynolds

Because of the abundance of nothing going on in the offseason, I've decided to a count up of Villanova players by the number the legal numbers allowed in college basketball (1-55 with no digits above five.)
Scottie Reynolds: 2006-2010
This one is a slam dunk, while you have to give credit to a guy like Kyle Lowry, there should be no argument that Scottie Reynolds is the greatest player in Villanova history to wear #1.  Scottie is the Villanova version of Tim Tebow without being obnoxiously holier than thou.  He has never been outspoken or brash and he always got the job done when the team needed him to.  Although he finished his career short of Kerry Kittles' all time scoring mark he will be remembered as one of the all time greats to lace them up for Villanova.  It's incredible to think that Scottie wouldn't have been a Wildcat if Kelvin Sampson wasn't such an epic fuckup.

I'll try to do this daily, just be prepared to sit through some walk ons.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's an Idea For the Big Ten: Go Fuck Yourselves

Could you imagine the national outcry if the Big East openly courted a Big Ten power solely for financial purposes? The sentiment in the main stream media would either be one of outrage or extreme cynicism.  Now I admit, I have not been following this whole fiasco very closely and basically all I know is that the Big East hired former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to try to prevent this from happening.  Why would the Big Ten rather expand east than try to annex a team from the SEC or Big XII so they could take advantage of the fertile recruiting ground of the south?  Even if they coax Rutgers into joining it doesn't mean that they'll all the sudden get huge ratings in the New York market.  I don't see how Rutgers would get nearly enough attention for the Big Ten's liking considering they'd have to compete with The Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Rangers, Knicks and Notre Dame for attention in the area (a losing battle.) The two schools that make BY FAR the most sense for a migration to the Big Ten are Pitt and West Virginia, programs that are strong in both football and basketball, have national name recognition, devoted fanbases and make more sense geographically than Syracuse or Rutgers.  Add to the fact that Pitt-Penn State used to be a pretty huge rivalry and it would make sense.  So good luck courting any team within 1,000 miles of you Jim Delany, but I'd rather see you go fuck yourself.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Open Letter to Incoming Players: Abstinence is Better than Herpes

Dear Villanova signees,
Due to a scare this past season in which one of our players came down with a sexually transmitted disease I would like to beg you to please do as a priest would and take a vow of chastity.  As a Catholic institution, Villanova cannot advocate the use of alternative means of disease prevention which is why it is a priority to do so.  Forget all you have learned about honesty because chastity is truly the best policy as it protects you from all sorts of things you're scared to show the doctor.  I know the loose white women are hard to resist, but they are just going to give you the clap or intentionally get knocked up with hope that you'll one day sign a big pro contract somewhere.  Travis Henry, Sean Kemp and Antonio Cromartie would love to give you reasons why you don't want to be paying child support until you're at least 30.  If you need to be convinced further about why chastity rocks, here's Philip Rivers' endorsement of chastity (it sort of reminds me of the Tom Cruise Scientology video.)  Back to the topic at hand.. the only way to protect yourself is by refraining from temptation.  If you really have to let off some steam, just rub yourself raw like a college kid without ridiculous athletic talent would do.  I hope for the best in all your athletic endeavors, but remember that the only way to have power is to show your purity ring to those jersey chasers who are so eager to pad their egos. 


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why Live and Die by Recruiting?

One thing I feel other Villanova blogs do far too much (regardless of the actual quality of the blog) is cover recruiting.  I find it creepy and pseudo voyeuristic how the likes of Rivals, ESPN and Scout project players as superstars before they are old enough to drive a car and before they are mature enough to handle the stress of being a public figure.  In the Facebook age, high profile college athletes have next to no room to fuck up.  Take the example of former Michigan football player Marques Slocum, who posted the answers to a quiz he took on Facebook,  orr Maalik Wayns' nearly unintelligible facebook statuses earlier this summer and best of all: Shane Clark and Antonio Pena's attempts at webpage design.  I know this sounds bizarre coming from a Villanova sports fanboy, but college athletes must be taken off the pedestal they are on and it all starts by refraining from giving these guys a sense of entitlement before they can shave by giving them unnecessary publicity.  Leave the recruiting up to the coaches and once the guys sign, then we can talk about it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When is it Time To Forgive Steve Lappas?

Steve Lappas' tenure as head coach at Villanova had some definite peaks and valleys.  While Lappas was at Villanova, we won our only Big East Championship but never advanced beyond the second round of the NCAA Tournament.  It is without question that his teams underachieved but there must be a time in which all wounds should be forgiven so one would think that eventually the animosity toward Lappas will wear off.  The real question is when? Almost ten years after the unceremonious end of his tenure on The Main Line, the very mention of his name will still provoke anger among some fans.  The greatest enemy of Lappas in redeeming his own name is his prickly demeanor (compared to Jay Wright) and lack of leading man good looks (possessed by Wright.)  There were also the littler things such as the failed Michael Bradley experiment and hiring Tim Thomas' high school coach in a Calipari-like act of desperation to convince a one and done recruit to play at his school.
To fully scrutinize at Lappas' tenure, you must look at the meat of the sandwich along with the two pieces of moldy bread that bookend it.  When Rollie Massimino left Villanova to replace Jerry Tarkanian at  UNLV, the prgram was a mess; mostly due to the fact that Rollie's head had grown incredibly large and he fashioned himself a great coach when in reality, Rollie was a good coach who struck the lottery for a six game span in 1985.  One of Lappas' first official acts upon being hired at Villanova was to talk a recruit out of signing with Tulane.  That recruit's name: Kerry Kittles, now best known as a former NBA lottery pick and all time leading scorer in school history.  The Kittles era combined high expectations with lackluster performances in the NCAA Tournament (along with an NIT title.)  The fact is, 1985 changed everything for Villanova basketball coaches (for better or worse) and after the national championship, anything short of prolonged tournament success simply wasn't going to cut it.  Since Lappas' tournament resume included neither prolonged success or success period, Villanova ultimately forced him out (ultimately the right decision.)
Now to my original question, when is it time to forgive? Anti Lappas sentiment still burns hot at Villanova despite the fact that nearly a decade has passed and and Jay Wright has vaulted the program into perennial contender status (something that none of his predecessers have done.)  Lappas has kept a low profile at Villanova which has in my opinion allowed anger to fester.  Can we really ever expect Villanova fans to let bygones be bygones and allow Lap to return to a game at Villanova without expecting intense disapproval.  Perhaps down the line he will have a Bill Buckner moment and return to The Pavillion to a golf clap instead of loud, near unanimous boos.  As Villanova fans, we must also look back and wonder if it was really Lappas' fault that Kerry Kittles didn't want the ball in his hands to end games or that his demise coincided with the beginning of perhaps the richest period in the history of Big East basketball.

Monday, April 19, 2010

If You Own a Restaurant Chain; Louisville Will Gladly Take Your Money

As of next year, Louisville's two most prominent sports teams will play at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and the KFC Yum! Center.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some cheap delivery pizza and Taco Bell (a Yum! brand,) but these two stadiums fall into the University of Phoenix Stadium family of terrible stadium names.  Corporate advertising sucks already, but you could at least call it the Pizza Hut Center or Taco Bell Arena instead of using KFC Yum! which sounds like a porn film marketed to fatbodies in the ghetto.  Congratulations Louisville, you went from playing in an arena with a semi sweet name (Freedom Hall) to playing in something that will undoubtedly be the punchline on Celebrity Fit Club.

Matt Szczur Postseason Highlights

Another gem from SeanDon

Man Who Shot Former Villanova Lacrosse Player to Stand Trial

Gerald Ung, a 28 year old Temple Law student charged with shooting former Villanova Lacrosse player Eddie DiDonato will stand trial for attempted murder.  There a few things that really bother me about this case:
  1. The people who are coming to Ung's defense by saying he was "acting in self defense" are the same exact people who say that guns should be banned.  Pick a side and stay there. 
  2. Ung's lawyer, Jack McMahon royally fucked the Philly judicial system about ten years ago by making a tape on how to exclude blacks from jury pools.
  3. How do you shoot someone five times in self defense?
  4. Isn't it illegal to carry a gun in an impaired state?
  5. Why would you live somewhere where you felt it necessary to carry a gun?
I personally hope they lock this guy up and throw away the key. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Off Topic: Where is The Love for Larry Doby?

Yesterday marked the celebration throughout Major League Baseball of the accomplishments of Jackie Robinson.  While very honorable to honor Robinson; the name Larry Doby is overlooked by people today.  For those who don't know (I didn't until recently,) Doby was the first American League player to break the color barrier when he was called up by the Cleveland Indians in 1947, the same season as Robinson.  We all know that Jackie Robinson had to be brave to endure the overt bigotry that he did, but you'd be a fool to think that Larry Doby didn't face the same exact thing.  It's not as if Doby was a bad player either, he made seven all-star games in the outfield (competing with the likes of Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Al Kaline) and was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1998.  Perhaps the biggest culprit for his lack of recognition is the fact that he was not as much of an activist as Robinson was and died three decades after Robinson.  So next year when the MLB is honoring Jackie Robinson try to be mindful that he was the first black hall of famer to begin his career that season but by no stretch was he the last.

On Gilchrist: How Do You Compete With The Devil?

By now all of you know that Michael Gilchrist committed to Kentucky yesterday.  I could go on more about how I didn't want him, but that doesn't matter for the sake of this argument.  The problem lies with John Calipari, who has never left a college without its program being placed on NCAA probation.  From Derrick Rose's lack of SATs to Memphis' curious hiring of Milt Wagner after his son DaJuan committed to Memphis (which curiously isn't an NCAA violation.)  Also in Calipari's corner is the curious case of William "Worldwide Wes" Wesley for those unaware of Worldwide Wes, all you need to know about him is that high school players he's been affiliated with (Rose, DaJuan Wagner, Tyreke Evans, John WallGilchrist) nearly exclusively sign with Calipari.  If my father, a Villanova alum is not allowed to steer a recruit in Villanova's direction, then why can William Wesley repeatedly send guys to Calipari  with  little or no consequence? All this boils down to is an even playing field and it's clear that whatever they are doing in Lexington is just downright grimy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I Don't Want Michael Gilchrist

Fact's note: I usually devote so little time to recruiting, but given the impending commitment of Gilchrist, I felt I have to comment
For the most part, Villanova is in the business of recruiting players to stay a full four years in school and get a degree.  There are only three major exceptions to this rule if you exclude transfers.  Of those three players, only Tim Thomas stayed at Villanova for only one year.  Michael Gilchrist seems to be a good player, but a fine academic institution like Villanova cannot afford to sell its soul to win a national championship (Kentucky has been selling its soul to win since Adolf Rupp was coach.)  In my opinion, the only time Villanova should go after players who they know for a fact will not stay the full four years is if they get a chance on a player who is a once in a generation talent (Kevin DurantKobe etc.)  Gilchrist is a very good player, but he has two huge red flags: a virtual guarantee that he won't stay beyond one year and the fact that he rolls with Worldwide Wes.  The last thing any school needs is a freshman who already has an entourage and Gilchrist (like Tyreke Evans before him) is already rolling heavy.  Did I mention that all this talk doesn't matter because he's going to play for Calipari anyways?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Become a Bone Marrow Donor Thursday

This Thursday The 15th, The Villanova Football Team will host their annual bone marrow testing driveAndy Talley has won numerous awards for this great cause and I would like to encourage others to get on the registry.  This offseason, Villanova's resident demigod Matt Szczur donated marrow to a young girl with leukemia. 

What: Villanova Football Bone Marrow Testing Drive
When: Thursday April 15, 2010 10am-4pm
Where: Connelly Center, Villanova University

Monday, April 12, 2010

Debating the Big 5 on VUHoops

I was approached  recently to make my argument against the Big 5 on VUHoops in a point/counterpoint type of argument.  I argued that the Big 5 is an old, tired institution that hurts Villanova's opportunity to schedule out of conference games against marquee opponents.  The attempt to resurrect the city series in the late 90's was admirable, but ultimately for nought.

Click here to read more

Thoughts on A Monday

What a beautiful day it is.  Aside from watching a movie that I need to read subtitles for (Der Untergang,) everything is going grand.  The Mets lost to Livan Hernandez on Sunday and begin one of the more difficult road trips of the season tomorrow, but hey at least Villanova beat Manhattan (which isn't in Manhattan) in lacrosse I'm not even sure if I like lacrosse though.
Here's what I'm thinking:
  • I'm already super pumped for football season even though it's a week into pro baseball season. 
  • Apparently Lehigh is super pumped to play Villanova in football this year.  I bet Andy Talley is eager to kick some ass too.
  • It's hard for me to get excited about hockey anymore but I hope The Devils kick ass against Philly.
  • Sometime this week VUHoops should have something arguing the merits of the Big 5 that I contributed to.  Look out for it.
  • Movies over two hours are an incredible drag.
  •  I'm very excited for the NFL Draft.  It's such an overblown and frankly stupid event but I just eat it up.
  • What's the point of signing a coach to an extension if he's probably going to get hired away the next offseason?
  • What is the point of Bowling being a sanctioned NCAA sport?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Villanova Football Schedule Released

I'm actually shocked that I've neglected to mention the fact that the 2010 Villanova Football schedule is out.  Included in this year's schedule is an away game against Lehigh and a home game against Penn (both uncommon occurences.)  In retarded scheduling decision, the Temple game is on a Friday (why don't you just schedule it on a saturday assholes.)
Here's the schedule in its entirety:

Sept. 3 Temple Lincoln Financial Field
Sept. 11 Lehigh Bethlehem
Sept. 18 Towson* Villanova Stadium
Sept. 25 Penn Villanova Stadium
Oct. 2 William & Mary* Williamsburg, Va.
Oct. 16 Maine* Orono, Maine
Oct. 23 James Madison* Villanova Stadium
Oct. 30 Richmond* Villanova Stadium
Nov. 6 Rhode Island* Kingston, R.I.
Nov. 13 New Hampshire* Villanova Stadium
Nov. 20 Delaware* Newark, Del.
* represents CAA games.

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Russell Wooten

Stands up off bench, claps

Friday, April 9, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Mouphtaou Yarou

Unfortunately for Mouphtaou Yarou, his freshman season was cut short by his contraction of Hepatitis B.  When Mouph played, he generally started and played fairly well.  Towards the end of the season, when he was finally back in basketball shape he played very well.  Mouph could be something that Villanova has not had in years-a true big man who is competent on the offensive end.  Not since Jason Lawson gradutated has Villanova had a big man who could block shots and score on the inside.  If Yarou is half the shot blocker that Lawson was while contributing on offense, he could be a very dangerous weapon for Jay Wright
2010-2011 Prediction: Opening Game starter at Center, 11 pts 9 Rebounds

Will Leitch Left Deadspin Because AJ Daulerio Got Him Pregnant

Back in Happier Days
As a reader of Deadspin since 2006, I never thought that I would get to the point where I would lose all respect for the blog and cease reading it, but this week's steaming pile of shit by them regarding Scottie and Fish has made me quite angry due to the severe lack of integrity by Deadspin editor AJ Daulerio for publishing the wrong version of a rumor that had been going around campus and then attempting to clarify it in an email exchange with Chris over at The Nova Blog and then a clarification on DeadspinHis bumbling attempts to cover his tracks are nothing but an effort to save face.  Maybe he was trying to point out the ridiculousness of the rumors, but he could have used another example rather than giving global reach to an ugly rumor that was previously only being spread in Villanova circles.  His subtle commentary on the ridiculousness of the situation was not enough as he did not do enough to express his apparent opinion that the rumors were overblown.  He should have been blunt and said outright that the rumors were bullshit, rather than publishing a salacious headline and including e-mails regurgitating the rumor in the article, forcing Villanova SID Mike Sheridan to go on the offensive and deny the whole thing.  Unfortunately, nobody at Nova would have had to say anything if the original story had not been published.  The damage has already been done, and no justification of the original article can take it back.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoughts on a Wednesday

I don't have much to do for a couple hours so I thought it would be nice to annoy you with my thoughts (if you haven't stopped reading this by now.)

  • I could really give a shit about how good a coach Mike Krzyzewski is because it doesn't change the fact that he's a whiner.  Fuck Duke.
  • Let's Go Mets!
  • Fuck The Phillies
  • Red Eye is my new favorite television show, even though it comes on at 3 AM.  Fox News really gets a much worse rap than they should, all they are doing is sharing their opinions, something that famous lesbian Rachel Maddow and famous dickhead Keith Olbermann do all the time.  The only difference is, Glen Beck doesn't blame George Bush for all of Obama's pitfalls.
  • Speaking of Barack Obama, It's interesting how everyone who disagrees with him is a racist.  It's also interesting how he seems to have never thrown a baseball in his life
  • I was actually quite impressed with Tiger Woods' apology, I'm even more impressed with his text messaging skillz.
  • The President is a Marxist, and if you disagree with me you're a racist.
  • The Star Wars reviews on Youtube are absolutely epic.  If I could come out with anything as original or hilarious as that, I wouldn't be giving it away for free.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Dominic Cheek

No player stands to gain more in from the departure of Scottie Reynolds than Dominic Cheek.  Perhaps the centerpiece of this year's freshman class, Cheek showed flashes but didn't get on the floor enough to have a true impact.  Next year either Mouph or Cheek is going to have the biggest impact and I wouldn't doubt it if Cheek is the high scorer on the team not named Corey Fisher.  Another of his redeeming qualities is the fact that he is not a defensive liability with his length and athleticism.  Cheek offers enough versatility that he should be near the top of the pile to start on next year's team.  He's also a movie star.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Isaiah Armwood

I came into this season believing that Isaiah Armwood should have redshirted.  Based on his usage this season, I can't say that I was wrong.  He did have a few strong games and a game winning three against George Mason down in Puerto Rico, but he just didn't have it all together and didn't play much down the stretch (due to injury?)  Mouph's Hepatitis diagnosis didn't do the coaching staff any favors because it seemed to that point that the plan was to redshirt Isaiah.  Unfortunately, there are unforseen circumstances in every season and Armwood happened to be needed by an undermanned Villanova team.  I think a full offseason of practice and weight training should help him develop into a weapon in Villanova's transition game for years to come. 

It Was a Good Day

As the great poet Ice Cube would say, Today Was a Good Day.  My tempered expectations on the 2010 season for The Mets were (perhaps slightly irrationally) changed a bit after they rode Johan Santana to a glorious dumping on Josh Johnson and The MarlinsTiger Woods' press conference made for good television and Albert Pujols is fucking ridiculous.  Unfortunately, The Phillies are pretty good as well.  At the same, our socially conscious apologist of a president threw another limp wrister in a way that Harry Doyle from Major League would refer to as "Jussst a bit outside"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I Drink

With the exception of the Villanova Football Team winning a National Championship, I have had a miserable sports year since Villanova was beaten by North Carolina in Detroit last year.  While watching the more boring game in perhaps the most boring Final Four ever while Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel and the Wilpons are running The Mets into the ground before the season has started I've finally realized why I enjoy getting drunk. Let's run it down:
  • The Yankees won the World Series.. While better than The Phillies or the Red Sox winning, it is still an incredibly shitty outcome.
  • The Mets still are terrible, they are wasting Johan Santana's prime and they continue to make outrageously shitty decisions.  At this point, I wouldn't be terribly upset if someone offed Fred Wilpon.
  • Villanova Basketball mindblowingly fucked up this season.. This season is the first time I can remember Jay Wright drastically overcoaching the team.
  • Two words: Taylor King
  • USA Hockey lost to fucking Canada.   
  • The US also sucks at curling.. unfortunate. 
  • If Matt Szczur goes pro in baseball I might blow my fucking brains out.
  • Villanova would have won this national championship with last year's team.. ughhh

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Corey Fisher issued a statement that simply said "April Fools" in response to inquiry regarding his status for next year.