Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's an Idea For the Big Ten: Go Fuck Yourselves

Could you imagine the national outcry if the Big East openly courted a Big Ten power solely for financial purposes? The sentiment in the main stream media would either be one of outrage or extreme cynicism.  Now I admit, I have not been following this whole fiasco very closely and basically all I know is that the Big East hired former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to try to prevent this from happening.  Why would the Big Ten rather expand east than try to annex a team from the SEC or Big XII so they could take advantage of the fertile recruiting ground of the south?  Even if they coax Rutgers into joining it doesn't mean that they'll all the sudden get huge ratings in the New York market.  I don't see how Rutgers would get nearly enough attention for the Big Ten's liking considering they'd have to compete with The Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Rangers, Knicks and Notre Dame for attention in the area (a losing battle.) The two schools that make BY FAR the most sense for a migration to the Big Ten are Pitt and West Virginia, programs that are strong in both football and basketball, have national name recognition, devoted fanbases and make more sense geographically than Syracuse or Rutgers.  Add to the fact that Pitt-Penn State used to be a pretty huge rivalry and it would make sense.  So good luck courting any team within 1,000 miles of you Jim Delany, but I'd rather see you go fuck yourself.

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  1. It's not about ratings, it's about TV sets. There are a ton of them in the NY market, 90% are hooked into cable too. If they have Rutgers they can force cablevision/timewarner/etc. to provide the Big Ten network to their subscribers in NY and NJ (and pay a per-subscriber fee in the process).

    West Virginia and Pitt don't provide many TV sets that the Big Ten Network doesn't already have (West Virginia doesn't have enough in it's entire state to make the Big Ten want to take on a highly-mediocre academic school and Pittsburgh's TV already get the Big Ten Network thanks to Penn State).

    Pitt and WVU actually make the least sense of the candidates they've tossed out there for that purpose.

    Rutgers, Syracuse, Mizzou, Nebraska, Notre Dame all make a lot more sense. Maybe UConn or Maryland as well. Maryland could deliver both the Baltimore and DC markets, which are the 26th an 9th markets, respectively. UConn is between NY and Boston and could maybe deliver one or both of those markets (and besides, Hartford is the 30th largest TV market anyway).