Monday, April 5, 2010

Villanova Player by Player Season Wrapup: Isaiah Armwood

I came into this season believing that Isaiah Armwood should have redshirted.  Based on his usage this season, I can't say that I was wrong.  He did have a few strong games and a game winning three against George Mason down in Puerto Rico, but he just didn't have it all together and didn't play much down the stretch (due to injury?)  Mouph's Hepatitis diagnosis didn't do the coaching staff any favors because it seemed to that point that the plan was to redshirt Isaiah.  Unfortunately, there are unforseen circumstances in every season and Armwood happened to be needed by an undermanned Villanova team.  I think a full offseason of practice and weight training should help him develop into a weapon in Villanova's transition game for years to come. 

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