Thursday, April 29, 2010

Villanova Players By The Number: 1 is For Scottie Reynolds

Because of the abundance of nothing going on in the offseason, I've decided to a count up of Villanova players by the number the legal numbers allowed in college basketball (1-55 with no digits above five.)
Scottie Reynolds: 2006-2010
This one is a slam dunk, while you have to give credit to a guy like Kyle Lowry, there should be no argument that Scottie Reynolds is the greatest player in Villanova history to wear #1.  Scottie is the Villanova version of Tim Tebow without being obnoxiously holier than thou.  He has never been outspoken or brash and he always got the job done when the team needed him to.  Although he finished his career short of Kerry Kittles' all time scoring mark he will be remembered as one of the all time greats to lace them up for Villanova.  It's incredible to think that Scottie wouldn't have been a Wildcat if Kelvin Sampson wasn't such an epic fuckup.

I'll try to do this daily, just be prepared to sit through some walk ons.

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