Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I Drink

With the exception of the Villanova Football Team winning a National Championship, I have had a miserable sports year since Villanova was beaten by North Carolina in Detroit last year.  While watching the more boring game in perhaps the most boring Final Four ever while Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel and the Wilpons are running The Mets into the ground before the season has started I've finally realized why I enjoy getting drunk. Let's run it down:
  • The Yankees won the World Series.. While better than The Phillies or the Red Sox winning, it is still an incredibly shitty outcome.
  • The Mets still are terrible, they are wasting Johan Santana's prime and they continue to make outrageously shitty decisions.  At this point, I wouldn't be terribly upset if someone offed Fred Wilpon.
  • Villanova Basketball mindblowingly fucked up this season.. This season is the first time I can remember Jay Wright drastically overcoaching the team.
  • Two words: Taylor King
  • USA Hockey lost to fucking Canada.   
  • The US also sucks at curling.. unfortunate. 
  • If Matt Szczur goes pro in baseball I might blow my fucking brains out.
  • Villanova would have won this national championship with last year's team.. ughhh

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