Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why Live and Die by Recruiting?

One thing I feel other Villanova blogs do far too much (regardless of the actual quality of the blog) is cover recruiting.  I find it creepy and pseudo voyeuristic how the likes of Rivals, ESPN and Scout project players as superstars before they are old enough to drive a car and before they are mature enough to handle the stress of being a public figure.  In the Facebook age, high profile college athletes have next to no room to fuck up.  Take the example of former Michigan football player Marques Slocum, who posted the answers to a quiz he took on Facebook,  orr Maalik Wayns' nearly unintelligible facebook statuses earlier this summer and best of all: Shane Clark and Antonio Pena's attempts at webpage design.  I know this sounds bizarre coming from a Villanova sports fanboy, but college athletes must be taken off the pedestal they are on and it all starts by refraining from giving these guys a sense of entitlement before they can shave by giving them unnecessary publicity.  Leave the recruiting up to the coaches and once the guys sign, then we can talk about it.

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