Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey Mike Lupica, Go Eat a Dick

While I was browsing the intergoogle recently, I stumbled across an article written last week by (douchenozzle) New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica about Dr. Anthony Galea.  It's interesting how someone whose magnum opus is a book about how Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa (both of whom were undeniably juicing) saved baseball in 1998 is such a loud and annoying mouthpiece against performance enhancing drugs.  While I agree with you that it's suspicious that all these athletes would see a doctor with obvious connections to drugs, I don't see why you think that the public needs your input to draw their own conclusions regarding Tiger Woods' visits to Galea.  Just because you have a job at a (failing) newspaper and a shitty sunday morning show on ESPN doesn't mean that you're above everyone else.  If you want to write about performance enhancing drugs once a week, start covering cycling.  In the meantime Mike Lupica, go sit on a fat one.

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