Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Villanova Players By The Number: 4 is For Dwight Wilbur

Guard 1982-1986
If you ever want to stump someone, ask them who the starting five of the 1985 National Championship game was.  More likely than not, people will guess Harold Jensen over Dwight WilburWilbur is the forgotten man from that team due to Rollie Massimino riding Jensen's hot hand during the NCAA Tournament.  He was a decent player and was obviously overshadowed by the fact that he played on the same court as some of the greatest players in Villanova history.  Nobody is going to score a lot of points when they have to compete with Ed Pinckney, Dwayne McClain, Gary McClain and Harold Pressley, but Wilbur did his job and did it admirably.

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