Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bernard Pierce's Heisman Hype is a Delusional Pipe Dream

Temple has launched a promotional campaign with the intent to hype sophomore running back Bernard Pierce's quest for the Heisman Trophy.  While Pierce had a good season last year, Temple is spending  money on this (I read somewhere that it was 25K or more) with the hope that they can dupe a couple hundred people to go see a Temple's "Heisman Candidate" play against a Directional Michigan school in a stadium with 50,000 empty seats.  The people in the Temple athletic program have to know that Pierce probably won't even finish in the top 20 in Heisman voting. 

Pierce is impeded by the fact that he doesn't play in a BCS Conference.  there are only a few players I could see contending for the Heisman from a non BCS situation: Boise State Quarterback Kellen Moore, Houston Quarterback Case Keenum of Houston, and Navy Quarterback Ricky Dobbs.   All of those players that I just mentioned play on better teams, have tougher schedules, and have set records.  Bernard Pierce is simply an injury prone running back on a decent team from the MAC. 


  1. jhg722,

    I disagree. Bernard Pierce WILL win the heisman. This is not just a PR campaign. Bernard knows he is a candidate and is excited about it.

  2. If you go out into the middle of Times Square and Shout: "Bernard Pierce Will Win The Heisman" the reaction you'll get is "who is bernard pierce" whereas if you go out and scream "Terrelle Pryor will win the Heisman" people will have at least heard of him even if they have never watched a single one of his games.

  3. Better yet, if you went out in the middle of philadelphia and shouted it before those obnoxious billboards were posted people would still have the same reaction.