Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Best Way To Send a Message to VU Admin: Fill Villanova Stadium

Detractors of a potential Villanova move to the Big East in football will point out that our fan base has never supported the team as it is currently.  While I believe that to be a flawed argument, something must be done to prove those doubters wrong.  There is no better way to show that Villanova fans want this move than to fill up Villanova Stadium on a regular basis this year. 

I know that most fans see a big difference between seeing VU play Towson or Richmond and seeing Rutgers and Syracuse, but the detractors aren't willing to see things through that viewpoint because they are fundamentally opposed to Villanova doing to move up in football.  If Villanova Stadium is a sell out for home games, those blowhards will find it very difficult to justify a vote of no.


  1. big if though

    -your loving brother

  2. Jeffey, if that's you I'm going to stab you in the eye with an ice pick. I"M BACK BITCHES

  3. The opponents to this absurd idea point out that Villanova has NEVER had the fan base at the current OR PREVIOUS level. Empty seats are a staple of Villanova football for a lot longer than this current form.
    Even playing a Bowl game IN Philadelphia against a Heismann Trophy Winner produced NO FANS. And if you don't think Richmond & James Madison could beat Syracuse this year, you are talking out of your buttcrack here. The Trustess aren't throwing away money & Campus resources on some unsupported move to FBS that won't even guarantee us that the Big East will be around in 2014.

  4. Sigh
    1. All of that muck was talking about before College football was a draw at places other than the traditional powers.
    2. Villanova football did draw (consistent sellouts) when we brought back football until draconian tailgate restrictions were put into place.
    3. You obviously know nothing of the grocery bowls.
    4. I'm not saying that they would or wouldn't beat syracuse, I'm just saying that our fans feel more of a natural sentiment against those schools.
    5. Even if the Big East isn't around in 2014, the willingness to make this move makes Villanova a very attractive candidate to The ACC or whatever conference is formed by the remnants of the big east football schools.

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