Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keys to the Game- Villanova-Towson Edition

 The Villanova Football Team will take on the Tigers of Towson State Penitentiary University this afternoon at Villanova StadiumVillanova hasn't lost a game to Towson since a depressing Saturday afternoon at Villanova Stadium during the enigmatic 6-5 season of 2006.  Towson is historically a basement dwellar, but Villanova has usually had a difficult time with them for one reason or another.

So here are the keys to today's game:
  1. Present a Balanced Attack- Towson isn't a good defensive team against the run or the pass, but they're also not particularly weak at defending the run or the pass.  I'm sure that Villanova will be able to run the ball this game, but I would just as well like to see Chris Whitney throw the ball for 300 yards (which hasn't been done by a Villanova Quarterback since Frank Jankowski in 2005!)  Whitney has been simply decent this year, neither great nor bad but it's to the point where he needs to become more involved in the game plan now that Villanova is finally facing CAA opponents.
  2. Make the Quarterback Uncomfortable- After being without a competent quarterback last season, Towson looks like they have a good one this season in Chris Hart.  After two games this season, Hart is averaging over 100 yards per game on the ground.  Villanova has had difficulty in the past with run first quarterbacks (Rodney Landers is a glaring example,) so they will have to play sound defensive football and take advantage of any chance they have to bring him down in the backfield.  In my unprofessional opinion, keeping a spy on Hart would be a pretty decent idea. 
  3. Capitalize on Opportunities-  Against Lehigh last week, The 'Cats turned the ball over far too often.  Once Villanova starts playing against CAA teams, turnovers simply can't happen period.  In order to score points, you need the ball and turning the ball over doesn't allow you to have possession of the ball.  Villanova must also turn red zone opportunities into seven points, something they didn't do against TempleTwo of the best measures of a team's overall record are turnover margin and red zone efficiency, and Villanova will need to sure those up to be successful this season.

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