Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keys to the Game- Villanova-William & Mary Edition

In a rematch of one of the great games ever played on the Main Line, the Villanova Football Team will travel to Williamsburg, VA to take on The Tribe of William & Mary this Saturday at Zable Stadium.  Not only did Villanova win both games last season, but they have not lost to Bill & Mary since 2004, so you can be sure that Jimmye Laycock wants very badly to beat The 'Cats.  Without Matt Szczur, this game becomes a little bit more difficult to win, but it's not a death sentence as this Villanova team is plenty talented enough to win without him.

Here are the keys to the game
  1. Be Balanced on Offense- The biggest issue I had with the offensive game plan last week was the lack of passing even though Chris Whitney only had two incompletions the entire game.  I understand that running the ball is our bread and butter, but Whitney has been simply too good to keep the ball out of the air and a good passing attack is much harder to stop than a good run game.
  2. Forget Last Year- I know that VU beat W&M twice last season, but the past is the past and as far as I'm concerned, those games never happened.  If Villanova's players allow themselves to get big headed about their chances because of last year, that is a recipe for disaster.  It is okay to be confident going into the game, but don't take it overboard. 
  3. Harass The QB- William & Mary will be starting a new Quarterback this week in Mike Paulus (brother of famous Dookie Greg Paulus.)  Paulus, a transfer from UNC lost the competition to start heading out of training camp and thus will be starting for the first time this Saturday.  I hope that Villanova defensive coordinator Mark Reardon is able to use this to his advantage and dial up the pressure to give the young quarterback happy feet.
  4. Take the Crowd Out Early- This game has already been sold out for a while, so a loud crowd should be expected.  The key when you have a hostile environment is to silence the crowd with some big plays early.  Nothing does that better than an opening drive touchdown followed by a quick three and out. 
  5. Play Smart- Now that we're in the heart of CAA conference play, turnover margin becomes absolutely key.  It is impossible to beat good teams like Delaware and James Madison if you hurt yourself with turnovers and stupid penalties.  If Villanova plays smart, efficient football on offense and defense, they are an incredibly tough team to stop.   

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