Monday, September 20, 2010

Temple Fans: Concentrate on Your Team (it's pretty good)

Since word surfaced about the Big East inviting Villanova to the conference for football, Temple fans have been clogging up message boards and comment sections of websites with talk about how Villanova isn't in the position to move that TU is in and how unfair it is.  Meanwhile, the Temple football team has rattled off three consecutive victories against Villanova, Central Michigan, and UConn with an upcoming game against State Pen Penn State in Happy Valley.  Temple fans are referring to this game as a way to "make a statement" to the Big East that they should be in over Villanova.  I'm sorry Temple fans, but the only statement that this game is going to make to the John Marinatto and the Big East is "Temple doesn't suck hard anymore."

Those associated with Temple and their football program must realize that The Owls had their shot in the Big East and it ended in catastrophe, which is why the Big East will do anything in their power to prevent traveling the same road twice. 

If I was a fan of Temple football right now, I would thank god for every day that Al Golden is still my coach, ignore what the Big East is doing and hope to hell that Temple wrecks the Nittany Lions this week.


  1. Fact is the most insightful, brilliant, and thought provoking analyst in the world. He should rule the world or at least college sports.

  2. Fact, stop posting comments about yourself, its creepy

  3. "...The Owls had their shot in the Big East and it ended in catastrophe, which is why the Big East will do anything in their power to prevent traveling the same road twice."

    Great to see you now OPPOSING Villanova being allowed into Big East Football since they will end in the catastrophe of being threatened by NCAA for low attendance if they can even get thru the provisional period before 2014.

    Villanova got an invitation to APPLY to the Big East Football just like UCONN (w/Nova) in 1997. UConn had to get their Stadium financing in place before their application was approved in January 1999.

    Villanova has an application that says..
    We've had limited fans forever,
    No Stadium,
    No Community Support,
    Facilities will be the worst in the Conference,
    No money to upgrade any of these things.

    But our basketball team is really good so please let us in..pleeeeeeeeease..we are begging.
    Nice Application.

    Even the Big East Commissioner publicly admitted that Villanova IS NOT the best option to bring into the Big East Football group because of all their problems.

  4. Villanova consistently gets 20,000 people to the wachovia center to play basketball, something temple never ever will be able to do (despite their ridiculous alumni base in the area.) Villanova won't have to "apply" for anything. The fact that this offer was tendered means that it's a done deal if they say yes to it.

    When funds need to be raised by the athletic department, it can do it without the university needing to subsidize it (we already did this with our recently built basketball facility.

    Keeping Villanova basketball in house, while adding a ninth football team is reason enough for the Big East to give Villanova the offer.

    Keep up your denial