Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cue The Mike Nardi Comparisons

I always get annoyed when comparisons are made simply due to race or location.  For example, Matt Szczur's game bears little resemblance to that of Wes Welker (it is in fact closer to Percy Harvin's.)  Maalik Wayns being compared to Kyle Lowry is another lazy comparison, because if I had to compare Wayns' game to anyone else it would be Kemba Walker.  Call Wayns a poor man's Allen Iverson for all I care, but his game in no way resembles that of Lowry because Lowry never had a very developed offensive game while at Villanova.

This brings me to the case of Ryan Arcidiacono, a guard from Neshaminy High School who just gave a verbal committment to attend VU starting in 2012.  I can guarantee that someone on ESPN (probably Fran Fraschilla, who is the main source of my vitriol for constantly trying to convince the audience that he can namedrop more obscure college players from ten years ago than anyone on earth, and for verbally fellating the Europeans during the world championships this summer) will mention Arcidiacono's name in the same sentence with former Villanova great Mike Nardi.  I have never seen Arcidiacono play, so his game could be similar to Nardi, but that doesn't change the fact that the comparisons are always going to be lazy because he is a highly recruited point guard with a buzz cut who is going to Villanova.

Here's some advice to you Ryan: get a distinctive hair style.  I highly recommend a jheri curl.


  1. Nova great Mike Nardi? Good player, not a great.

  2. If i was referring to anyone but a few players (michael bradley and barry bekkedam) i would refer to them as a former villanova great.