Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keys to the Game- Villanova-JMU Edition

The last time Villanova lost at Villanova Stadium was two years ago, October 25, 2008 (I remember the date, because I was arrested that afternoon.)  In case you don't remember, the game (which was soggy, wet and cold) ended on a last second hail mary by James Madison, which is tied for my number one all time sports buzzkill moment.  JMU is an enigmatic team this season, beating Virginia Tech and not doing much since.  This game should be full of emotion as it is a virtual must win for both teams. 

Here are my Keys:

  1. Stop The Running Game- JMU always tries to force the ball down the other team's throat on the ground, and traditionally they're quite good at it (think Oregon's offense.)  Drew Dudzik, the Quarterback for The Dukes should be the focal point of their running game along with several running backs including Jonathan Sullivan and Griff Yancey.
  2. Keep Chucking It- The strength of this Villanova team is the down field passing game, as evidenced by last week's beat down of MaineChris Whitney should throw the ball at least 20 times, unless JMU has success stopping the passing game.  Throwing the ball keeps defenses honest and will set up the running game toward the end of the game. 
  3. Play Hard for 60 Minutes- JMU has shown that they can play with just about anyone for an entire game, so VU must play with a swagger.  This is absolutely a winnable game, and it's also homecoming so there will be a larger than usual crowd.
  4. Forget About Last Year-  Last season, Villanova traveled to Harrisonburg and shut JMU out 27-0.  As far as I'm concerned, that game never happened.  The team must completely forget about that game and play like they were the ones who were embarrassed last season.
  5. Don't Get Arrested- (for the fans) Self explanatory.

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