Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keys to the Game- Villanova-Maine Edition

Greatest thing to ever involve a Maine athlete

This Saturday, the battered Villanova  football travels to the great white north to take on MaineAndy Talley historically does not have much success when he travels to Orono, but Maine has not demonstrated its past form over the last several years.  I expect an inspired performance from The 'Cats coming off the bye week and their in conference loss in a year.

Here are my keys to the game:
  1. Make an Impression Early- Falling behind against William & Mary absolutely killed the team two weeks ago, and it almost always seems to in a foreign environment.  The Black Bears cannot get the impression that they have the upper hand in any facet of the game as that could be incredibly dangerous (just watch the Penn game from earlier this season.)  Taking an early lead or even a sustained opening drive are things that could send a message to Maine.  Villanova must get it into the heads of the Maine players that they will not lose.
  2. Throw The Ball- Chris Whitney doesn't get nearly enough credit as a passer, but the truth is that he leads the CAA in passing efficiency.  Wouldn't featuring Whitney's arm in the passing game be a better way to compensate for the lack of Matt Szczur?  This team is simply becoming predictable.. throw the other team a curve ball on occasion.
  3. Refrain From Fucktardery- Please please please no turnovers in the red zone?
  4. Play 60- Football teams lose if they come out flaccid like VU did two weeks ago.  An inspired effort and some momentum for next week against James Madison would go a long way toward setting this team up for a playoff run.

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