Monday, October 25, 2010

Matt Szczur's Injury Will Make Villanova Better

Last basketball season, Villanova relied far too much on Scottie Reynolds for offense, and once Scottie hit a slump (in the worst possible time,) the team fell flat on it's face.  During the first few games of the football season, Villanova was forcing the ball into the hands of Matt Szczur, the team's best offensive weapon.  When Szczur was injured, they were forced to reinvent themselves and it simply didn't work in the first game against William & Mary.  Since that game in Williamsburg, the coaching staff has finally realized that Chris Whitney can actually throw the ball, and that in Norman White, Mikey Reynolds, and Dorian Wells there are other weapons at the receiver position.

When and if Szczur Christ Returns, The 'Cats will be in a much better place as they will not feel the need to force the ball to him with their new found weapons.  The fact that Szczur has been hurt may also help the team next year as the coaches will not scramble to redefine the offense despite the fact that they will be breaking in a lot of new players, including a new quarterback. 

Wait until you get better before you play again sir, we'll need you for the playoffs.

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