Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Thoughts on Saturday's Game

Villanova held on to beat James Madison 14-7 yesterday despite dominating the entire game.
Here's what i think:
  • The play calling in the second half was WAY too conservative.  Chris Whitney was hot, they should have given him more opportunities to throw it down field.
  • Norman White is a beast.. Plain and simple.
  • I still love Mikey Reynolds.
  • Thomas Weaver may have had the best game by a Villanova defensive player so far this season.  He was so incredibly disruptive, even though his position (nose tackle) simply dictates that he occupies blockers and stop the run. 
  • What the hell is wrong with Nick Yako?
  • The fake punt call was incredibly ballsy.  It's good to have an athletic punter like Scarnecchia.  
  • Please find a way to stop the intermediate pass.
  • Villanova should move up in the rankings after Delaware lost to William & Mary
  • The band showed up!
  • Get healthy soon Matt Szczur.
  • Beat Richmond

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